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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#1043 Core API: using addAssocDef() inappropriately corrupts the DB accepted jri Defect Blocker Release 4.8.5
#74 Cached association definitions are not updated accepted jri Defect Major
#265 Core: associations are fetched without their composite structure accepted jri Defect Major
#271 The default topic renderer should provide post_render hooks accepted jri Enhancement Major
#325 Bulk Migrations new jri Enhancement Major
#371 "Home" workspaces for plugins new jri Defect Major
#596 LDAP plugin for authentication new dgf Feature Request Major
#602 Revise Topicmap Renderer framework accepted jri Enhancement Major
#647 enrich association-model to specific child-topics when building up new TopicModels accepted jri Enhancement Major
#802 Core API: since 4.6 the "old model" semantics is broken in post-update listeners new jri Defect Major
#805 Timestamp bubbling up leads to StackOverflow? new jri Defect Major
#865 dm4-wikidata: as of 4.5 items with globally unique keys can end up in user space assigned Task Major Release 4.8
#941 Consolidate Core API accepted jri Task Major Release 4.8
#953 dm4-config: implement remaining roles of the configuration facility new Enhancement Major Release 4.8
#956 dm4-time: extend timerange query api about typeUri filter new Enhancement Major Release 4.8
#957 Enable by text search in file contents across a file repository new Feature Request Major
#975 dm4-geospatial: using postCreateTopc may leave spatial index incosistent, restart required new Defect Major Release 4.8.1
#979 question: it would be handy to expose the geomaps types uris as public constants new Enhancement Major Release 4.8.1
#1024 Core ChildTopics API: manipulators should throw for invalid assocDefUris accepted jri Defect Major Release 4.8.4
#1029 dm4-webclient: allow a more easy integration of the generic page panel impl into other js frontends accepted jri Feature Request Major Release 4.9
#1041 calling getPlayer in a postCreateAssociaton Listener throws storage exception new jri Defect Major Release 4.9
#1083 Framework: provide JAX-RS message body writer for JSONObject new jri Enhancement Major Release 4.9
#1084 New migration run mode: SKIP new jri Enhancement Major Release 4.9
#1090 REST API: allow ID mismatch in update-topic request new jri Defect Major Release 5.0
#279 Core: topic event filtering through listener method annotations accepted jri Enhancement Minor
#310 RendererHelper: render topic link along with its icon accepted jri Enhancement Minor
#648 increase type-safety of RESTful service methods new Defect Minor Release 4.4
#954 dm4-core: Extend the searchTopics API to allow for many typeUris and a returnTypeUri new Enhancement Minor Release 4.8
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