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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#19 GUI: Change edges from straight lines to Bezier curves accepted jri Enhancement Major
#51 Color chooser for Association Types accepted jri Enhancement Major
#79 Write Documentation for the REST API accepted jri Task Major
#168 Channelling facility for competing plugins accepted jri Enhancement Major
#337 Editor for aggregated composites accepted jri Enhancement Major
#602 Revise Topicmap Renderer framework accepted jri Enhancement Major
#914 CROWD Omnibus web frontend accepted jri Task Major
#865 dm4-wikidata: as of 4.5 items with globally unique keys can end up in user space assigned Task Major Release 4.8
#233 Import Tool new Feature Request Major
#325 Bulk Migrations new jri Enhancement Major
#346 Meta model: Child Topic Order new jri Enhancement Major
#461 Form rendering is too slow new jri Enhancement Major
#859 dm4-webclient: improve finding and selecting specific items in listings new Enhancement Major
#917 Multiselect Topics new jri Enhancement Major
#957 Enable by text search in file contents across a file repository new Feature Request Major
#958 Apache Tika integration as it was working in dm3 new Feature Request Major Release 4.8
#1010 Changing a type definition concurrently new jri Defect Major
#1045 Building composite types should be easier new Enhancement Major
#1047 Add "Smart Searches" new jri Enhancement Major
#1048 3 search scopes: global, workspace, topicmap new jri Enhancement Minor
#1052 Canvas: user definable box width new Enhancement Minor
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