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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#19 GUI: Change edges from straight lines to Bezier curves accepted jri Enhancement Major
#51 Color chooser for Association Types accepted jri Enhancement Major
#56 Defined command order accepted jri Defect Major
#74 Cached association definitions are not updated accepted jri Defect Major
#79 Write Documentation for the REST API accepted jri Task Major
#168 Channelling facility for competing plugins accepted jri Enhancement Major
#175 Topic auto positioning: avoid overlaps accepted jri Enhancement Minor
#185 Toolbar on Edit Window accepted jri Enhancement Minor
#186 Strip HTML from topic labels accepted jri Defect Major
#187 Immediate application of labeling rules accepted jri Defect Major
#249 Changing a type URI breaks canvas rendering accepted jri Defect Major
#254 Creating an association definition for a simple topic type blocks webclient accepted jri Defect Major
#265 Core: associations are fetched without their composite structure accepted jri Defect Major
#271 The default topic renderer should provide post_render hooks accepted jri Enhancement Major
#279 Core: topic event filtering through listener method annotations accepted jri Enhancement Minor
#310 RendererHelper: render topic link along with its icon accepted jri Enhancement Minor
#326 Running without Type Editor plugin throws an error when clicking a type accepted jri Defect Major
#337 Editor for aggregated composites accepted jri Enhancement Major
#342 The View Configuration of an Association Type or an Association Definition can't be changed interactively accepted jri Defect Major
#348 The detail panel's association's list should load asynchronously accepted jri Enhancement Major
#395 Create Debian Packages for Standard and Karaf Distribution accepted silke Task Major
#417 Interactively created Association Definitions have no View Configuration accepted jri Defect Major
#602 Revise Topicmap Renderer framework accepted jri Enhancement Major
#604 Box-Renderer on Mac: ctrl key oddities accepted jri Defect Major
#647 enrich association-model to specific child-topics when building up new TopicModels accepted jri Enhancement Major
#701 Topicmap not shown when type icon missed accepted jri Defect Major Release 4.4
#838 Only Core must be permitted to consume the Storage service accepted jri Defect Major
#915 Timestamp bubbling when assocs are manipulated manually accepted jri Defect Major Release 4.8
#926 Webclient toolbar should not line wrap on small displays accepted jri Defect Major Release 4.8
#941 Consolidate Core API accepted jri Task Major Release 4.8
#944 Combobox menu oddities accepted jri Defect Major Release 4.8
#973 Upgrade Neo4j from 1.8.1 -> 3.0 accepted jri Task Major Release 4.9
#1007 Better explain `` config property accepted jri Task Minor Release 4.8.3
#1022 Membership auto-typing accepted jri Enhancement Minor Release 4.8.4
#1024 Core ChildTopics API: manipulators should throw for invalid assocDefUris accepted jri Defect Major Release 4.8.4
#1029 dm4-webclient: allow a more easy integration of the generic page panel impl into other js frontends accepted jri Feature Request Major Release 4.9
#1043 Core API: using addAssocDef() inappropriately corrupts the DB accepted jri Defect Blocker Release 4.8.5
#1066 Upgrade to Java 7 accepted jri Task Major Release 4.9
#1073 Rewrite Webclient with Vue/Vuex/Element UI/Webpack accepted jri Task Major Release 5.0
#1080 DeepaMehta 5 accepted jri Task Major Release 5.0
#42 A user can have a display name - meaning what name is displayed to others within the system assigned jri Feature Request Major
#97 Audio Workspace Facet Demo assigned jri Feature Request Major
#252 Invalid association definition blocks the user session assigned jri Defect Blocker
#853 Update list of accessable workspaces on new membership assigned jri Defect Major Release 4.8
#865 dm4-wikidata: as of 4.5 items with globally unique keys can end up in user space assigned Task Major Release 4.8
#15 GUI: "Command Halos" new jri Feature Request Minor
#39 Select Interface(s) for DeepaMehta Server new Feature Request Critical
#62 XML based import and export of data new Feature Request Major
#86 Per-instance topic icons new jri Enhancement Major
#98 Aggregated/truncated display of large result sets new Defect Major
#99 Filter TypeEditor association types to valid possibilities only new jri Enhancement Major
#105 Faceted Search new jri Feature Request Major
#178 Undo functionality in Deepa Mehta new Feature Request Minor
#233 Import Tool new Feature Request Major
#255 GUI: hide empty topics in details panel new Enhancement Major
#257 Add user defined queries in type builder new Enhancement Major
#325 Bulk Migrations new jri Enhancement Major
#330 allow interactive manipulation of a result-set in a select-menu through typing new Defect Major
#346 Meta model: Child Topic Order new jri Enhancement Major
#371 "Home" workspaces for plugins new jri Defect Major
#381 Include events and calendar in DM4 new Feature Request Major Release 4.9
#383 Add more icons to standard distribution new jri Enhancement Major
#428 Reflect more application state in the URL new jri Enhancement Major
#429 Activate more CKEditor features new jri Enhancement Major
#430 Hide Workspace menu new jri Enhancement Major
#431 Restrict "By Type" search to relevant types new jri Enhancement Major
#433 Make the Delete command more visible new jri Enhancement Major
#436 Java Path new Enhancement Major
#445 Security: While creating new user account, password field should not be displayed in clear text. new Enhancement Trivial Release 4.9
#461 Form rendering is too slow new jri Enhancement Major
#497 Enable HTTP Compression new jri Feature Request Minor
#502 Add creation date to search topic new jri Enhancement Major
#509 get deepamehta platform started on ubuntu os without command-line new Defect Major
#524 Show Type-Icons in GeoMap new jri Enhancement Major
#525 Association of Topic to Topicmap of Type Geomap is not listet in details panel new jri Defect Major
#535 Thumbnails for file topics new jri Feature Request Major
#553 Use delete key (del) to delete topic new Enhancement Major
#562 dm4-geomaps: rendering and integration of many geo-coordinates as childs new Enhancement Minor
#591 Disable login on localhost new jri Enhancement Major
#613 Blank fields should not be shown in Detail Panel new Defect Minor
#619 Make issues more present in repos README new Enhancement Minor
#620 Make binary files of plugins more accesable from website new Enhancement Minor
#621 Add API documentation to documentation page new Enhancement Minor
#622 Order groups of related topics new Defect Major
#624 Avoid unwanted child topics to be revealed new jri Enhancement Major
#642 dm4-webclient: populate drop-down menus on demand new Enhancement Major Release 4.4
#643 dm4-webclient: load "what's related area" in lower page panel on demand new Enhancement Major Release 4.4
#644 Storage layer: the "store topic" operation must be synchronized new Defect Major
#648 increase type-safety of RESTful service methods new Defect Minor Release 4.4
#657 Move topic(s) to another map or create a new one new Enhancement Minor
#677 webclient search is fired synchronous.. make it async new jri Enhancement Major
#689 Create a new association type when labeling an association new Feature Request Minor
#691 Truncate long URL in web resources new Feature Request Minor
#753 Consuming the plugins service implementation in a test new jri Enhancement Major
#769 Extend FilesService REST API to be able to delete file and folder topics new Enhancement Minor
#781 dm4-webclient: currently no navigation to instances of an Association Type possible new jri Enhancement Major
#782 dm4-webclient: display associations between topics and assocations on canvas new jri Feature Request Major
#802 Core API: since 4.6 the "old model" semantics is broken in post-update listeners new jri Defect Major
#805 Timestamp bubbling up leads to StackOverflow? new jri Defect Major
#844 notifications when two users (sharing a workspace) edit a topicmap in parallel new Enhancement Major
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