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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Milestone Priority
#10 Core service should return XML additionally to JSON reopened jri Enhancement Minor
#15 GUI: "Command Halos" new jri Feature Request Minor
#175 Topic auto positioning: avoid overlaps accepted jri Enhancement Minor
#178 Undo functionality in Deepa Mehta new Feature Request Minor
#185 Toolbar on Edit Window accepted jri Enhancement Minor
#279 Core: topic event filtering through listener method annotations accepted jri Enhancement Minor
#310 RendererHelper: render topic link along with its icon accepted jri Enhancement Minor
#497 Enable HTTP Compression new jri Feature Request Minor
#562 dm4-geomaps: rendering and integration of many geo-coordinates as childs new Enhancement Minor
#613 Blank fields should not be shown in Detail Panel new Defect Minor
#619 Make issues more present in repos README new Enhancement Minor
#620 Make binary files of plugins more accesable from website new Enhancement Minor
#621 Add API documentation to documentation page new Enhancement Minor
#648 increase type-safety of RESTful service methods new Defect Release 4.4 Minor
#657 Move topic(s) to another map or create a new one new Enhancement Minor
#689 Create a new association type when labeling an association new Feature Request Minor
#691 Truncate long URL in web resources new Feature Request Minor
#769 Extend FilesService REST API to be able to delete file and folder topics new Enhancement Minor
#868 dm4-webclient: allow users to switch between more jQuery UI themes new Feature Request Release 4.8 Minor
#954 dm4-core: Extend the searchTopics API to allow for many typeUris and a returnTypeUri new Enhancement Release 4.8 Minor
#1007 Better explain `` config property accepted jri Task Release 4.8.3 Minor
#1022 Membership auto-typing accepted jri Enhancement Release 4.8.4 Minor
#1042 dm4-webclient: the "By Type" menu could provide a "i" symbol as well new Enhancement Release 4.9 Minor
#1048 3 search scopes: global, workspace, topicmap new jri Enhancement Minor
#1051 Configure background color on a per-topic-type basis new Enhancement Minor
#1052 Canvas: user definable box width new Enhancement Minor
#1053 Canvas: optionally render assocs with type name new Enhancement Minor
#1054 Canvas: visualize associations with arrow endings new Enhancement Minor
#1071 Labeling of "View Configuration" topics new jri Enhancement Minor
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