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#219 write deepamehta community manifesto new Defect Major
#330 allow interactive manipulation of a result-set in a select-menu through typing new Defect Major
#509 get deepamehta platform started on ubuntu os without command-line new Defect Major
#644 Storage layer: the "store topic" operation must be synchronized new Defect Major
#648 increase type-safety of RESTful service methods new Defect Minor Release 4.4
#805 Timestamp bubbling up leads to StackOverflow? new jri Defect Major
#823 dm4-websockets: upgrade to be compatible with DM 4.6.x & 4.7.x accepted jri Defect Major Release 4.8.4
#861 dm4-webclient / files-plugin: filename search in my filerepo(s) new jri Defect Major Release 4.8
#889 unable to automatically assign topics to "private workspace" after user account creation new jri Defect Major
#904 ChildTopics set() method does not work as expected for multiple-valued composite childs new Defect Major Release 4.8
#939 dm4-webclient: a loss of session is not immediately reflected by the "username" menu (upper right) new jri Defect Major Release 4.8
#975 dm4-geospatial: using postCreateTopc may leave spatial index incosistent, restart required new Defect Major Release 4.8.1
#1000 dm4-webclient: throws type cache error for topic of type user should have an implicit read permission new Defect Major Release 4.8.3
#1005 make the "Assign to workspace" command more powerful new jri Defect Major Release 4.8.3
#1006 dm4-files: implement a file topic renderer which allows users to select an existing file topic ... new Defect Major Release 4.8.3
#1038 deleting own user account should remove private workspace new jri Defect Major Release 4.8.4
#1041 calling getPlayer in a postCreateAssociaton Listener throws storage exception new jri Defect Major Release 4.9
#86 Per-instance topic icons new jri Enhancement Major
#562 dm4-geomaps: rendering and integration of many geo-coordinates as childs new Enhancement Minor
#642 dm4-webclient: populate drop-down menus on demand new Enhancement Major Release 4.4
#643 dm4-webclient: load "what's related area" in lower page panel on demand new Enhancement Major Release 4.4
#647 enrich association-model to specific child-topics when building up new TopicModels accepted jri Enhancement Major
#677 webclient search is fired synchronous.. make it async new jri Enhancement Major
#753 Consuming the plugins service implementation in a test new jri Enhancement Major
#781 dm4-webclient: currently no navigation to instances of an Association Type possible new jri Enhancement Major
#844 notifications when two users (sharing a workspace) edit a topicmap in parallel new Enhancement Major
#859 dm4-webclient: improve finding and selecting specific items in listings new Enhancement Major
#860 dm4-webclient: improve rendering of search results new jri Enhancement Major Release 4.8
#912 what are these "lucene.log.v" files for and can we delete them once in a while? new Enhancement Major Release 4.8
#937 wikidata: for continuing the experiments and rewriting the dm4-relationship with wikidata new Enhancement Major
#953 dm4-config: implement remaining roles of the configuration facility new Enhancement Major Release 4.8
#954 dm4-core: Extend the searchTopics API to allow for many typeUris and a returnTypeUri new Enhancement Minor Release 4.8
#956 dm4-time: extend timerange query api about typeUri filter new Enhancement Major Release 4.8
#979 question: it would be handy to expose the geomaps types uris as public constants new Enhancement Major Release 4.8.1
#986 When using the webclient typebuilding feature we need to able to declare a types indexmode new Enhancement Major Release 4.8.1
#1015 Enable setting maximum age or expiry date for web bundle static resources new Enhancement Major Release 4.8.4
#1042 dm4-webclient: the "By Type" menu could provide a "i" symbol as well new Enhancement Minor Release 4.9
#1056 Introduce ui elements for lucene search phrase options (in search "By Text") new Enhancement Major Release 4.8.5
#497 Enable HTTP Compression new jri Feature Request Minor
#782 dm4-webclient: display associations between topics and assocations on canvas new jri Feature Request Major
#868 dm4-webclient: allow users to switch between more jQuery UI themes new Feature Request Minor Release 4.8
#873 dm4-webactivator: Extend WebActivatorPlugin about additional TemplateResolver Implementations new Feature Request Major Release 4.8
#957 Enable by text search in file contents across a file repository new Feature Request Major
#958 Apache Tika integration as it was working in dm3 new Feature Request Major Release 4.8
#959 Export Topicmaps as GraphML and MindMap Documents new Feature Request Major Release 4.8
#1029 dm4-webclient: allow a more easy integration of the generic page panel impl into other js frontends accepted jri Feature Request Major Release 4.9
#582 dropping a .bib file into DM automatically creates a structured visualization of all entries new Task Major
#828 install neo4j-shell-tools in neo4j-shell new Task Major
#865 dm4-wikidata: as of 4.5 items with globally unique keys can end up in user space assigned Task Major Release 4.8
#866 mydm4: how and where to integrate the following links / pages in the webclient new Task Major Release 4.8
#867 dm4-stableviews: per-user rendering settings for items in topicmaps new Malte Task Major
#875 question: how to deploy 3rd party plugins to maven central, e.g. dm4-kiezatlas new Malte Task Major Release 4.8
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