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#10 Core service should return XML additionally to JSON reopened jri Enhancement Minor
#15 GUI: "Command Halos" new jri Feature Request Minor
#19 GUI: Change edges from straight lines to Bezier curves accepted jri Enhancement Major
#42 A user can have a display name - meaning what name is displayed to others within the system assigned jri Feature Request Major
#79 Write Documentation for the REST API accepted jri Task Major
#647 enrich association-model to specific child-topics when building up new TopicModels accepted jri Enhancement Major
#914 CROWD Omnibus web frontend accepted jri Task Major
#1073 Rewrite Webclient with Vue/Vuex/Element UI/Webpack accepted jri Task Major
#395 Create Debian Packages for Standard and Karaf Distribution accepted silke Task Major
#39 Select Interface(s) for DeepaMehta Server new Feature Request Critical
#62 XML based import and export of data new Feature Request Major
#116 Changelog new Task Trivial
#582 dropping a .bib file into DM automatically creates a structured visualization of all entries new Task Major
#957 Enable by text search in file contents across a file repository new Feature Request Major
#1056 Introduce ui elements for lucene search phrase options (in search "By Text") new Enhancement Major
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