Ticket #1050 (new Enhancement)

Opened 7 years ago

No consistent behaviour when clicking on links

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Component: DeepaMehta Standard Distribution Version: 4.8.4
Keywords: Cc: dgf, Malte, JuergeN, irau
Complexity: 5 Area: GUI / Usability
Module: deepamehta-webclient


Currently there are 2 ways to add web links to DM content and both behave differently:

  • Embed a link in a HTML field (via CKEditor mechanics).

In the normal info view the Link is rendered as usual web link and behaves that way: clicking it replaces the current page (= the DM webclient) with the linked page.

  • Use the URL type in your type definition.

These URLs are not rendered as web links and have different mechanics: they provide explicit "Open URL" and "Open URL in new window" commands (in both, its context menu, and the detail panel).

It would be good to unify both modes.

Questions arise:

  • Should the URLs of URL topics rendered as links? This could be confusing as the normal DM user interface contains a lot of links already, namely in the detail panel. These links let the user stay inside the DM webclient while the other links would leave the webclient. This could be confusing.
  • Should external links behave different from internal (= within Webclient) links? In this case they should be rendered differently, and possibly behave differently in terms of opening another window/tab, instead of replacing the webclient?
  • Should external links always open a new browser/tab? To my knowledge this is regarded bad web design as it patronizes the user. Or does this rule not apply to the DM Webclient as it is rather an application than a website?
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