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    initial v1  
    11Aim is to create a bunch of topics programmatically based on an input text. 
    22For the moment only 2 formats for the input text shall be provided: 
    3     - Comma separated plain text 
    4     - Tab separated plain text 
     3    - Comma separated plain text (CSV) 
     4    - Tab separated plain text (TSV) 
    66Principal usage: 
    7     1. The user initiates the bulk creation tool. A configuration panel appears. 
    8     2. The user specifies the input text. 
     7    1. The user initiates the bulk creation tool. A settings panel appears. 
     8    2. The user specifies the input text and its format (CSV or TSV). 
    99    3. The user selects the target topic type. 
    1010    4. Column mapping (in case of a composite target type, probably the standard case): The user assigns each column (of the input text) to a child type of the target type. 
    1717    - The grid-topics must not overlap topics which exists already on the canvas. 
     19Special features: 
     20    - Verification display: *before* the actual creation is started the tool displays what topics *would* be created (e.g. as a table) with the current settings. This allows the user to fix the input text (resp. its format) or the column mapping. 
     21    - Undo: if a bulk creation result proves to be malformed the user can undo the process. That is the tool deletes all topic created while this process. The user is free to retry with adjusted settings.  
    20 In case it is a composite type for each child type a field selector is displayed.  
     23Perhaps it is sufficient to realize only 1 of the 2 special features. 
     25Realisation suggestions: 
     26    - The user could specify the input text by pasting it to a text area which is part of the settings panel. This would reduce development effort as no file operations are involved. 
     27    - The bulk creation process itself could be represented as a topic (of type "Bulk Creation") on the canvas. Its settings panel would appear in DM's detail panel (right side). This would be conform to DM's interface concept that everything visible has a representation on the canvas. The user would be enabled to perform regular DM actions and return to the bulk creation afterwards. 
     29Implementation notes: 
     30    - The canvas already provides a grid-layout option (as well as a free-space-finder).