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user related API access: getTopicsByOwner(), getTopicsByCreator()

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Component: DeepaMehta Standard Distribution Version: 4.1
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Is there such thing already available by means of any kind of public service method?

I am hesitating, since ACL entries keep this information, to build up "creator" and "modifier" related semantics on top of DM with my application plugin.

Feedback within the next 5 days would be very much appreciated, then I've to make a decision.

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comment:1 Changed 11 years ago by jri

For the moment there are no methods like getTopicsByOwner() and getTopicsByCreator().

As you said, the "creator" and "owner" information is stored not as topics but as node properties. Currently DM does not index node properties at all. Thus by-creator or by-owner queries are not possible.

Generally I think DM needs an indexing facility for node properties as well, and corresponding Core API extensions. This would provide the basis also for e.g. performing timestamp-based queries (timestamps are best represented as properties I guess).

I would like to discuss the next core development priorities around May 22 (that is after the MMS article and Dev-Meeting). A node properties indexing facility could be the priority then. Realization would take about 2 weeks (including the migrations for existing data).

So, unfortunatley no quick solution here.

Thank you for bringing up this crucial topic!

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Meanwhile we have an indexing facility for node properties, see #490, so we're ready to extend the Access Control service by getTopicsByOwner() and getTopicsByCreator() methods. I'll implement them quickly.

comment:4 Changed 11 years ago by jri

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Access Control: add retrieval methods (#458).

There are methods for retrieving topics/associations based on creator/owner.

Access Control service:

  • Collection<Topic> getTopicsByCreator(String username)
  • Collection<Topic> getTopicsByOwner(String username)
  • Collection<Association> getAssociationsByCreator(String username);
  • Collection<Association> getAssociationsByOwner(String username);


  • GET /accesscontrol/creator/{username}/topics
  • GET /accesscontrol/owner/{username}/topics
  • GET /accesscontrol/creator/{username}/assocs
  • GET /accesscontrol/owner/{username}/assocs

Note: these methods rely on the property index recently introduced (4.1.1-SNAPSHOT).
Topics/associations existing in a DM 4.1 installation are not indexed retrospectively.

Close #458.

Changeset: d1d5ea19d99957e45ac7c689ce142c490408bd60

comment:5 Changed 11 years ago by jri

Access Control: namespace properties (#491, #458).

DB property keys are namespaced:

  • "creator" -> "dm4.accesscontrol.creator"
  • "owner" -> "dm4.accesscontrol.owner"
  • "acl" -> "dm4.accesscontrol.acl"

A migration that transforms the DM 4.1 property keys is included.
Note: while migrating the "creator" and "owner" values are indexed. So the new user-based retrieval methods can be used also when updating from DM 4.1 (#458).

See #491.
See #458.

Changeset: 5a4fde7fa5d53102e599b82d5de3b7d0aaa12809

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