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Additional Core Event: PRE_PROCESS_REQUEST

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Priority: Major Milestone: Release 4.2
Component: DeepaMehta Standard Distribution Version: 4.1
Keywords: Cc: dgf, Malte
Complexity: 2 Area: Application Framework / API
Module: deepamehta-core


To be fired before a request is processed.
This is needed to let e.g. a caching plugin answer requests with a cached response.

See #478, #477.

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New Core Event PRE_PROCESS_REQUEST (#480, #478).

Fired before a request is processed. That is *before* a possible resource method is invoked.
This allows a plugin e.g. to abort request processing in case a pre-condition is not met (as stated e.g. by the If-Modified-Since or If-Unmodified-Since headers).

New listener interface:


Listener method:

void preProcessRequest(ContainerRequest? request)

Note: ContainerRequest? is a Jersey-specific class
We should remove the Jersey dependency and move to JAX-RS 2.0 instead.

Close ticket 480.
See ticket 478.

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At the moment the PRE_PROCESS_REQUEST is fired only for requests that are bound to the Jersey servlet. It should be fired for requests that access static (bundle and file system) resources as well. For that purpose the listener method should get an additional HttpServletRequest parameter.

See #448 ("Replace Felix HTTP by OPS4J Pax Web").

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New core event: RESOURCE_REQUEST_FILTER (#480, #448).

This event allows to intercept with requests to static resources, both bundle resources and file system resources.

Listener interface: de.deepamehta.core.service.event.ResourceRequestFilterListener?
Listener method: void resourceRequestFilter(HttpServletRequest? servletRequest)

To abort request processing throw a javax.ws.rs.WebApplicationException?.
DeepaMehta will send the response wrapped in that WAE then (status code, headers, text entity).


2 Core events are renamed:

PreProcessRequestListener? -> ServiceRequestFilterListener?
preProcessRequest() -> serviceRequestFilter()

PreSendResponseListener? -> ServiceResponseFilterListener?
preSendResponse() -> serviceResponseFilter()


Dropping of the Felix ExtHttpService? should be now complete. This branch could be merged into master.

In order to be nearly compatible with the (now dropped) registerFilter() method your plugin can consider implementing both, ServiceRequestFilterListener? and (the new) ResourceRequestFilterListener?. This ensures to intercept with each kind of request, that is service method requests (REST) as well as static resource requests (bundle resources and file system resources).

For the sake of completeness: the behavoir resulting from implementing both listeners is not fully equivalent as with registerFilter(). While the listeners see only requests bound to the registered URI namespaces the former servlet filter saw absolutely all requests, also the ones resulting in 404 Not Found. However, in practice this difference should not be relevant.

The Access Control plugin makes use of the new ResourceRequestFilterListener?. Thus a private DeepaMehta installation works like before, also in Safari (see #448).

See #480.

Changeset: c16c598f94f5179af050ab24b724a73d2aadece9

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