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Enabling html code in ckeditor for embedding videos

Reported by: carolina Owned by: jri
Priority: Major Milestone: Release 4.8
Component: DeepaMehta Standard Distribution Version: 4.3
Keywords: Cc: dgf, Malte, JuergeN
Complexity: 3 Area:
Module: deepamehta-webclient


As a user I would like to be able to embed videos in text/description fields.

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comment:1 Changed 8 years ago by jri

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The CROWD people (#914) want embed videos too. Possibly we should find an end-user savvy plugin for media embedding and not expect the user to deal with the HTML source.

We should use the opportunity to update CKEditor and revise the set of plugins installed by default. Some features are rarely used (e.g. strike through, remove format, anchors, horizontal line, block quote), others are missing. Possibly we want a less obtrusive skin too.

See also #429.

comment:2 Changed 8 years ago by Jörg Richter <jri@…>

In 2c64714de3d584a70ecea2227a767ae6f323fd37/deepamehta:

Update CKEditor 4.3.2 -> 4.5.6 (#700).

New plugins:

  • Enhanced Image: allows resizable images with captions
  • Media Embed: for embedding videos and other media

Skin changed from "Moono" to "Flat".

A lot of plugins are dropped.
The toolbar is drastically reduced.
Let's see what most users really use/need.

See #700.

comment:3 Changed 8 years ago by Jörg Richter <jri@…>

In 1cdeeda74d9d0633e409622f1a4870fcf78e8b18/deepamehta:

CKEditor: remove indent/outdent buttons (#700).

The list item indent and outdent buttons are removed from the toolbar.
Indentation still works through tab and shift-tab keys.

See #700.

comment:4 Changed 8 years ago by Jörg Richter <jri@…>

In 17723a8b30f18184c42cacac760d5f1f37b7f094/deepamehta:

CKEditor CSS tweak (#700).

Apply a drop shadow to the content area to make it look like an input field.

See #700.

comment:5 Changed 8 years ago by Jörg Richter <jri@…>

In 866eea509b24f245ebfd1991c3383a0b76ec06cb/deepamehta:

Webclient fix: embed videos works w/ HTTPS (#700).

Now we use "Media (oEmbed) Plugin" instead of "Media Embed".

Thanks to Jürgen for suggesting this plugin!

See #700

comment:6 follow-up: ↓ 8 Changed 8 years ago by Malte

Luckily i found this ticket and can provide you with some evidence on what users like me do need 100%:

  • "Headings"
  • "Blockquote" resp. "Quote"

Please make sure that these options to format page content do not get lost during this optimization.

Thanks & Cheers!

comment:7 Changed 8 years ago by Malte

Again, please make sure these two sections appear in the CKEDitor bundled in the 4.8 release! I just tested the 4.8-SNAPSHOT and these essential sections for authoring and formatting HTML pages are gone.

comment:8 in reply to: ↑ 6 Changed 8 years ago by jri

Replying to Malte:

  • "Headings"
  • "Blockquote" resp. "Quote"

OK, let's add these again in DM 4.8
Thank you for testing!

comment:9 Changed 8 years ago by Jörg Richter <jri@…>

In a352c66c19b105ff6cc7116f8c2a9895041cdfe5/deepamehta:

Webclient: add CKEditor "Format" menu (#700).

Update CKEditor 4.5.6 -> 4.5.8

See #700.

comment:10 Changed 8 years ago by Jörg Richter <jri@…>

In ad6ecf17146efdee6af3ac46899acf585db6f150/deepamehta:

Replace Format plugin with "Styles Combo" (#700).

See #700.

comment:11 Changed 8 years ago by Jörg Richter <jri@…>

In 122824d37a49292fb48311b2a871ae0a33df8da2/deepamehta:

CKEditor: adjust Styles menu (#700).

Now we have these block styles:

  • Paragraph
  • Heading 1-4
  • Code Block
  • Block Quote

And these inline styles:

  • Code
  • Marker

Thanks to Malte for the reminder!
Tell me if the styles suit your needs.

See #700.

comment:12 Changed 8 years ago by Jörg Richter <jri@…>

In d985eb2ddab88912691f9bacc7f1f94e3af7dc47/deepamehta:

Tweak Code Block and Block Quote styles (#700).

See #700.

comment:13 Changed 8 years ago by jri

  • Status changed from accepted to closed
  • Resolution set to fixed
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