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    1 So, as it turns, i am not able to use the privileged method as i need it to, because `dms.getAccessControl().assignToWorkspace` does currently not accept an URI. 
     1In my case i want ordinary users (authenticated) to not be eligible to publish topics (simply create topics in a "Public" or "Common" workspace) but instead assign their submitted (topic with all its childs and relating assocs) to a "Collaborative" workspace first. 
    3 The deal is, a user creates a new geo object and it must be assigned to a non-public workspace. This workspace is collaborative and just members of it have the privilege and can make the final decision to "publish" a geo object. 
     3Members of the "Collaborative" workspace can then, after reviewing the submitted information to a "Public" Workspace. 
    5 Alternatively, to be able to use the privileged API call as it is, i would need a method to get the ID of the workspace to which the requesting user no READ access, too. 
     5The problem i have now is that a user not member of the collaborative workspace has not the permission to assign their topics to the collaborative workspace. 
    7 ATM i dont know of any workaround and it seems i must rethink (and rewrite) my submission - publication workflow if i want to make it work with 4.7. OK, i need to think a bit more about how to proceed from here. 
     7So, extending the privileges of the following two methods would do the trick for me: 
    9 To implement this for the 4.8.1 this should be no problem, right? 
    11 Thanks for your support. 
     16I think this would be the way we would want to realize a "publication" workflow while completely relying on our existing ACL concept. 
     18What do you think? Thanks for your help!