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18:50 Ticket #232 (Welcome page translation) closed by Christiane
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16:35 DataModelAnnouncement created by jri
02:27 Ticket #233 (Import Tool) created by jri
Aim is to create a bulk of topics programmatically based on an input text. …
01:47 Ticket #232 (Welcome page translation) created by jri
Hi Christiane, provided you've time I would appreciate if you could update …


14:51 Ticket #231 (Back button doesn't work cross-topicmap) created by jri
An error appears in the browser's error console. Probably broken since …


16:58 Ticket #230 (Website: increase text contrast) created by jri
The standard text should be black (or darker grey). User feedback shows …


11:27 Ticket #117 (Thinks to do before going live) closed by rk
fixed: I created separate tickets for all tasks not already done. Closing this …
11:23 Ticket #229 (Make listing on the team page optional, exclude test users and role ...) created by rk
To be listed on the team member page should be optional. Not everybody …
11:17 Ticket #228 (Make quotes block data driven) created by rk
The quotes block needs to be generated from the database, using views / …
11:15 Ticket #227 (Make Login/Register / Logout Block a menu) created by rk
The login/register block needs to be a menu, so it automatically switches …
11:09 Ticket #226 (Guidelines for user registration) created by rk
We need to establish guidelines for user registration and handling. Roles …
11:06 Ticket #225 (Email and notification workflow) created by rk
With the website running on the real deepamehta Domain, we should adjust …


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19:19 Ticket #221 (deepamehta bundle repository) closed by rk
fixed: The directory is there an can be accessed via the normal website scp …
12:11 Ticket #224 (website@deepameht.org - mailbox und website managemeent) created by Malte
work over "hilfe zur website" page (de/en) in user menu for new users …


17:24 Ticket #223 (Imprint/Impressum) created by rk
It's mandatory by German law that we have an Imprint.
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mre added infos (diff)


23:50 Ticket #184 (News block's "more" link is broken) closed by Malte
23:39 Ticket #211 (make application scenarios / showcases bilingual) closed by Malte
fixed: had to revert back german page, english translatino somehow overwrote the …
23:36 Ticket #212 (work over english and german plugin descriptions..) closed by Malte
worksforme: unpublished nautilus and contacts plugin page until they are done.
23:35 Ticket #210 (translate firefox plugin page to german) closed by Malte
13:52 Ticket #222 (Customize Admin Menu for Editor role) created by silke
I created a menu for the editor role (top, black menu). Underneath the …
01:35 Ticket #210 (translate firefox plugin page to german) reopened by Malte
missed installation and usage hints. closing down here for tonight.
01:33 Ticket #210 (translate firefox plugin page to german) closed by Malte
worksforme: roughly done. changelog / history yet remains in english.
01:09 Ticket #221 (deepamehta bundle repository) created by Malte
can you just redeploy it to our new server? from tomorrow on it will just …


22:04 Ticket #192 (Drupal admin: doubled menu bar obscures cancel button) closed by Malte
fixed: changed permissions so that nobody makes use of the so called …
20:42 Ticket #220 (book links at the bottom of each page in "structure"..) created by Malte
arguemnts against displaying these links again at the bottom of each page: …
16:25 Ticket #219 (write deepamehta community manifesto) created by Malte
16:23 Ticket #218 (migrate latex addon to showcases from users wiki) created by Malte
16:23 Ticket #217 (migrate twitter show case from users wiki) created by Malte
16:21 Ticket #216 (create kiezatlas show case / anwendungsbeispiel page (de/en)) created by Malte
16:20 Ticket #215 (update gnome nautilus plugin) created by Malte
16:20 Ticket #214 (finish contacts importer plugin) created by Malte
16:19 Ticket #213 (update firefox plugin) created by Malte
16:19 Ticket #212 (work over english and german plugin descriptions..) created by Malte
15:51 Ticket #211 (make application scenarios / showcases bilingual) created by Malte
anwendungsbeispiele haben momentan eine deutsche übersichtsseite und eine …
15:50 Ticket #210 (translate firefox plugin page to german) created by Malte
15:49 Ticket #209 (migrate folder windows as a canvas demo page with all files from userswiki) created by Malte
from http://www.deepamehta.de/wiki/en/FolderCanvas to …
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18:15 Ticket #201 (relative positioning of RSS Logo in Sidebars News Block) closed by Malte
fixed: thanks for your help!
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18:59 Ticket #194 (Website: Restructure and redesign header) closed by Malte
worksforme: done. i think the upper header is OK!
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