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DeepaMehta Architecture
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DeepaMehta Architecture


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15:46 Ticket #458 (user related API access: getTopicsByOwner(), getTopicsByCreator()) created by Malte
Is there such thing already available by means of any kind of public …


10:15 Ticket #214 (finish contacts importer plugin) closed by Malte
duplicate: superseeded by #454 closing ticket
10:12 Ticket #457 (bundle the ck-mathjax integration as a deepamehta-plugin extending dm's ...) created by Malte
make formula editing an optional part of deepamehtas webclient rich text …
10:09 Ticket #456 (update the README in the DeepaMehta Binary Distribution) created by Malte
I would suggest to add at the beginning of the "INSTALLATION" paragraph …
10:03 Ticket #455 (write a lightweight deepamehta distribution-template) created by Malte
A "lightweight" deepamehta installation should meet the needs of possible …
09:56 Ticket #454 (possible integrate thunderbird contacts-importer into dm4.mail-module) created by Malte
this integration would require the dm4.contacts module to be installed …
09:54 Ticket #453 (update deepamehta3-nautilus and turn it into a dm python-client/lib) created by Malte
a robust and simple deepamehta client written in python would enable third …
09:50 Ticket #452 (enhance the niceness of the image-browser/selector in the ...) created by Malte
and make your first pull request, a.k.a. "merge upstream"? see …
09:47 Ticket #451 (build a first release of the "org.deepamehta. Reviews" module) created by Malte
this module allows a "Score" to be assigned with a information type and …
09:40 Ticket #450 (Lookmarker: build up on the "tags" module to group web resources in the ...) created by Malte
idea: groups to be implemented as drop down menus in the deepamehta …
09:37 Ticket #449 (write a custom webclient renderer allowing autocompletion with the ...) created by Malte
goal is, a new dm4-tags 1.1 release which allows exactly this, tagging …
09:34 Ticket #361 (Make the Firefox Plugin compatible with DM 4.0.13) closed by Malte
09:33 Ticket #34 (Webclient: Enable "labelling" of an Association resp. "Roles") reopened by Malte
So, what I had in mind is that DeepaMehta can speak through it's …


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Consuming more than one service (diff)


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Consuming a service (diff)
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Implementing the service (diff)
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The plugin main file (diff)


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Introducing the server side (diff)


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Writing an imperative migration (diff)


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