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masterCore Type API: more methods returns type (#941). 3 DeepaMehtaType


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00:34 Ticket #1055 (Introduce combined Search/Create widget) created by jri
When doing content (or even type def) authoring with DM you probably know …


23:56 Ticket #1054 (Canvas: visualize associations with arrow endings) created by jri
Arrow visualization could be configurable on a per-role-type basis: a view …
23:45 Ticket #690 (When creating a new association type set label to type name) closed by jri
see follow-up: Meanwhile this need came up by other users too. But we need a …
23:38 Ticket #1053 (Canvas: optionally render assocs with type name) created by jri
A user might want certain assocs (on a per-type basis) to be rendered on …
23:26 Ticket #1052 (Canvas: user definable box width) created by jri
The user might want adjust the box width on a per-topic basis in order to …
22:59 Ticket #1051 (Configure background color on a per-topic-type basis) created by jri
Currently in a type's view config the Color setting applies to assoc types …
22:49 Ticket #313 (Multiselect) closed by jri
see follow-up: #917
22:41 Ticket #1050 (No consistent behaviour when clicking on links) created by jri
Currently there are 2 ways to add web links to DM content and both behave …
20:27 Ticket #1049 (Search result is displayed twice) created by jri
When a Search topic is selected the search result is displayed twice in …
20:15 Ticket #1048 (3 search scopes: global, workspace, topicmap) created by jri
At the moment the entire DB is searched. The user might want restrict a …
19:57 Ticket #1047 (Add "Smart Searches") created by jri
Generally there 2 kinds of searches: 1. Snapshot. When revisited the …
19:28 Ticket #618 (Add modules-external folder to repository) closed by jri
19:24 Ticket #623 (Avoid creating associations twice) closed by jri
fixed: Fixed in the course of #1009
19:21 Ticket #571 (File Browser: revealing file fails when retyped before) closed by jri
fixed: Fixed in the course of #1044
18:27 Ticket #1046 (Organize Detail Panel with tabs) created by jri
The detail panel should feature 3 tabs. Their content would be slightly …
16:47 Ticket #918 (Create composite) closed by jri
see follow-up: #1045
16:46 Ticket #1045 (Building composite types should be easier) created by jri
The most cumbersome aspect of the current type builder is when the user …


18:29 Changeset in deepamehta [2c82bc7] by Jörg Richter <jri@…>
masterWebclient: fix related-topics-list (#1028). Enforce implicit READ …
17:53 Ticket #1028 (Detail panel lacks implicit READ permission) reopened by jri
The detail panel's related-topics-list still renders not properly. You can …


08:44 Ticket #825 (dm4-subscription: upgrade to be compatible with DM 4.8.x) closed by Malte
fixed: For more infos and hints on usage please find the README at: …


17:55 Changeset in deepamehta [0f11210] by Jörg Richter <jri@…>
masterFiles fix: reuse Path topics on retype (#1044). Retyping File topics into …
02:48 Ticket #1044 (Retyping File into Icon when per-workspace repos are on) created by jri
Rendering of File and Icon topics may break if per-workspace file repos …


17:27 Ticket #1043 (Core API: using addAssocDef() inappropriately corrupts the DB) created by jri
In a migration a developer often uses this one to add an assoc def to a …


14:28 Ticket #1042 (dm4-webclient: the "By Type" menu could provide a "i" symbol as well) created by Malte
To facilitate in revealing a very specific Topic Type topic (or …
14:19 Ticket #1009 (Avoid association doublets) closed by jri


14:28 Changeset in deepamehta [851d2ae] by Jörg Richter <jri@…>
masterCore fix: assoc dupl check involves value (#1009). The association …


18:26 Changeset in deepamehta [d69ba06] by Jörg Richter <jri@…>
masterBump version numbers to 4.8.5-SNAPSHOT
17:27 Ticket #1009 (Avoid association doublets) reopened by jri
Confirmed! The envisioned fix is to involve the association value in …
09:47 Ticket #1041 (calling getPlayer in a postCreateAssociaton Listener throws storage ...) created by Malte
Just wanted to let you know, when using the postCreateAssoc-Listener... …


22:16 Ticket #822 (dm4-mail: store attachments with the new file repo mechanism as of 4.7 and ...) closed by Malte


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master4.8.4 Release
20:12 WikiStart edited by jri
4.8.4 release (diff)
20:11 ReleaseNotes edited by jri
4.8.4 release notes, revision 3 (diff)
19:11 Ticket #1040 (Workspace deletion should show explicit warning) closed by jri
19:03 Changeset in deepamehta [fc25769] by Jörg Richter <jri@…>
masterShow warning on workspace deletion (#1040). See #1040.
16:24 Ticket #1040 (Workspace deletion should show explicit warning) created by jri
Deleting a workspace has potentially huge effect: * All assigned types are …
14:12 ReleaseNotes edited by jri
4.8.4 release notes, revision 2 (diff)
14:10 Ticket #1039 (dm4-webclient: topicmaps.get_topicmap() is now undefined in init_3) created by Malte
Testing the 4.8.4-snapshot (which jri send the link to over the devel …
10:45 Ticket #1038 (deleting own user account should remove private workspace) created by Malte
While testing the new snapshot the following issue came to my attention: …


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masterConsolidate POMs of the standard plugins (#1037). The POMs of all plugins …
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