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Build DeepaMehta From Source


  • Java 1.6 (older Java versions do not work).
  • Git 1.7 (other Git versions work as well).
  • Maven 3 (Maven 2 works as well).


git clone git://
cd deepamehta
mvn install -P all


mvn pax:run

This starts the DeepaMehta server and then opens the DeepaMehta web client in a browser window.
If no browser window appears open it manually:


Your terminal is now occupied by the interactive Apache Felix Gogo Shell (press return and you'll see its g! prompt).


In the Gogo shell type:

stop 0

This shuts down the web server and puts the database in a consistent state.

Run again

cd deepamehta
mvn pax:run


cd deepamehta
git pull
mvn clean install -P all

This can be performed on a running DeepaMehta instance (from another terminal). The new code is hot-deployed. Of course you can stop the instance before updating as well.