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    3 DeepaMehta is a client-server based software platform for Knowledge 
    4 Management. Knowledge is represented in a semantic network and is 
    5 handled collaboratively. DeepaMehta combines interdisciplinary research 
    6 with the idea of Free Open Source Software (FOSS) to generate a true benefit for workflow as 
    7 well as for social processes. At the same time Deepa Mehta is an indian 
    8 movie director.  
     3DeepaMehta is a platform for collaboration and knowledge management. The goal of DeepaMehta is to provide knowledge workers of all kind an cognitively adequate work environment, right after booting. 
    10 The standard DeepaMehta user interface is build according to research in 
    11 Cognitive Psychology and accomodates the knowledge building process of 
    12 the individual. Instead of handling information through applications, 
    13 windows and files with DeepaMehta the user handles all kind of 
    14 information directly and individually. [[DeepaMehta]]s user interface is 
    15 completely based on Mind Maps / Concept Maps.  
     5The vision of DeepaMehta is a Post-Desktop Metaphor user interface that abolishes applications, windows, files, and folders in favor of stable views of contextual content. We love the idea of providing the user a cognitive home. 
    17 You can develop alternative user interfaces and connect them to the 
    18 DeepaMehta server via REST.   
     7DeepaMehta is a Think Tool. 
     9Our heros are Vannevar Bush, Douglas Engelbart, J.C.R. Licklider, Ted Nelson, Alan Kay, and David Canfield Smith. 
     11Technically, DeepaMehta is a Java/OSGi based Inversion-of-Control container for running plugins and a HTML5/JavaScript webclient which are communicating via a REST API. You as a plugin developer can provide data models, application logic, services, or presentation logic. Or you can develop a complete new client interface in the language of your choice. 
     13The project's website is