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introduction of user story about basic access control functionality

Access Control from a user's perspective

Everything i do in a deepamehta multi-user installation is at first, private, means just visible and editable by me. That means if i take a note named "don't forget the bananas" in some deepamehta-client i am the, though depending on my current workspace, by default the only user who can read and write this information (where read and write includes edit and delete). For other users there is no such information.

Naturally when going on, i want to be able to share reading access of my note with other users in deepamehta. Let us assume i created this note in my "fridge"-workspace, so after explicitly "shared read" access, other users in this workspace can search and find my note and view the full information of it. Naturally, in my "fridge"-workspace i sometimes want to not only "share read" on my notes, i also want to "share editing" access on some notes, so me and my other "fridge"-user can both edit it, to update the information about stuff we need from the market after we just fetched stuff from the list on our way home.

Me and all my other fridge-users are also users in a some cooking-community. So usually after a month we go through some of our shared notes, and reflect on them to write down our new favourite recipes of the month. Now, we also want to share these notes containing recipes with other users of our cooking-community, and therefore we want to "publish" our note, so everyone we tell about this link, can access it, where it is of no importance for us if other people who are not part of our cooking-community can view this information or not because we like to share things with others. In some cases we even are that crazy that we want to share the edit right on our recipes with the for us unknown public but in that case, and out of our attribution-spirit we then like to ask them for one of their open-identities they usually use on the web.

Access Control how it was in the deepamehta3-accesscontrol plugin

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