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    12= Ingo Rau = 
    1819 * TracPlugins 
     21= Testing Snapshot Releases = 
     23== 4.0.4-20110912 == 
     24Features that should work: 
     26assign user icons to types (#49). 
     28Assign an icon to a topic type (and thus to all of its instances): 
     291) Reveal the type 
     302) Navigate to its "View Configuration" topic. You see the currently assigned icon at the top of the content panel. 
     313) Press "Edit". You enter the view config's form. At the top you see the current icon. 
     324) Press the "Choose" button besides the icon. You see the iconpicker dialog with a variety of icons. 
     335) Pick one icon by clicking it. The iconpicker dialog closes. The picked icon appears in the form. 
     346) Press "Save". Now the picked icon is assigned to the topic type and all instances are rendererd with the new icon. 
     36Add your own icons to the iconpicker: 
     371) Drag'n'Drop an image file from your OS's file browser to the DM canvas. It appears as a "File" topic. 
     382) Retype the file topic to "Icon" by choosing "Retype" from its context menu. The "Retype Topic" dialog box appears. 
     393) Choose "Icon" from the menu and press "Retype". The dialog box closes and the topic is now an "Icon". From that moment it appears in the iconpicker dialog and can be used as described above. 
     41IMPORTANT: to use the file drag'n'drop feature in Firefox see here: 
     44You must reset your DB. 
     45Furthermore in the core (for developers): add hook PRE_UPDATE_TOPIC. 
     46Close #49, #78, #82, #84, #85  
     50Files module: basically functional (#78) 
     52Functionality like in DM3: Drop a bunch of files and folders from your filebrowser to the DM canvas. They are now represented as topics (of type "File" resp. "Folder"). 
     54There are 2 features: 
     561) to open the file in its original application doubleclick the file topic. 
     582) to display the file contents right in DM's content panel click the file topic. 
     59This is currently supported for: 
     61    Plain text 
     62    Images 
     63    Audio 
     64    Video 
     65    PDF  
     67It should work with Firefox and Safari (Chrome not yet supported). 
     68Audio/Video?/PDF capabilities rely on your browser plugins. Certainly there is e.g. a Firefox PDF plugin for your OS available on the net. 
     70IMPORTANT for Firefox: for the DM file handling capability to work you must set one particular preference. Type about:config in the Firefox address bar, then double-click the signed.applets.codebase_principal_support preference to set it to true (no Firefox restart required). Later on, when you drop a file to the canvas Firefox will ask you for permission to read the file. Click "Allow". 
     71(If you not set the particular preference, or if you click "Deny", Firefox has no access to your local files for security reasons.) 
     72This is only a workaround. Later versions of DM will not require this setting. 
     74With Safari no extra setup is required. 
     76See ticket #78.  
     80Files module: file browser works! (#90) 
     81Choose "New File Browser" from the create menu. 
     82See ticket #90. 
     86Proxy module: configurable IP ranges (#90). 
     88In ./pom.xml there is a new property: 
     91The default is as shown. 
     92Only *one* range is supported for the moment. 
    2098== Some new Pages for testing ==