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Ingo Rau

Hi! As a member of the DeepaMehtaTeam I currently focus on testing new DeepaMehta features from an end user perspective. I try to give feedback on how to make DeepaMehta increasingly user friendly. I am also working on how DeepaMehta is featured, explained, talked about ... on a number of websites. We hope to structure some of the information online to make starting with DeepaMehta (in whatever context) as easy as possible. We also started to collect UserStories and want to show how they can be implemented with DeepaMehta. If you have used DeepaMehta already we would love to hear from you. What did you use it for? What worked for you? What caused problems? How would you like it to be improved?

Contact me on:

Exploring Trac Features

Some new Pages for testing

A first page SandBoxOne which will contain a link to the page SandBox. The BackLinks Marcro on that page should reflect the reference.