Last modified 10 years ago Last modified on 27.01.2014 17:14:02

Simple Topic Versioning

A simple topic versioning would be useful in a collaborative context. I should add wiki style versioning of simple topics. As discussed with Danny, Jörg and Malte this could be achived by a plugin that provides an extra persitents to keep the old data and the UI elements to access them.


The UserType? should include a UID, a username, firstname, lastname, nickname, an email address and a picture.


DeepaMehta's recent AAA implementation is very basic. It needs to be more standard conform to cope with IP based, internal and external accounts (e.g. LDAP, openID).

External Data Source

DeepaMehta needs to be enhanced in terms of including erxternal data sources (e.g. Wikidata, OpenGeoDB, etc.). External objects shoul be represented by proxy objects.

Config Search Types

DeepaMehta lacks a config method for different SearchTypes? and the selection of data sources.

Query API

DeepaMehta lacks a method for sorting and paging of query results.

Configuration Facility

DeepaMehta lacks a framework for configuration management on various levels, from client based user preferences (e.g. themes) to system wide plugin management. It should provide a core configuration facility like a registry or other XML based config dbs (SYSTEM|PLUGIN|USER). System configuration could be (partly) provided by OSGi config methods.

Packet Management

DeepaMehta lacks a packet management.

Grafical Query Editor

DeepaMehta lacks a graphical query editor for user defined standard queries.

Input Validation

DeepaMehta lacks an input validation (smart search, validation rules, etc.).

Conflict Resolution

DeepaMehta lacks a conflict resolution (e.g for shared editing | parallel editing, etc.)

Renderer Selection

DeepaMehta lacks a renderer selection for compatible renderers, so that a user could choose wich renderer she wants to use to display her data.


DeepaMehta lacks a notification framework for user and system notifications (client/user).

Messaging | Queueing

DeepaMehta lacks an asynchronous messaging | queueing layer for client|server|system messaging and communication (like ZeroMK). Ideally all events and communication would be handled by the queue.


DeepaMehta lacks a concept for a 2P2 setup. How can we dstribute and exchange data between various local and remote instances of DeepaMehta?


DeepaMehta lacks a validation of GPL violations at all levels (own code, linked libraries, distribution, etc.)