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     2== Bug Reports, Discussion and Downlaod == 
     4For Bug Reports, Discussion and Download please see the [[|corresponding ticket]] for this 3rd Party Module. 
    3 For Bug Reports & Discussion please see the [[|corresponding ticket]] for this 3rd Party Module. 
     7== Requirements ==  
     93.6.x - 6.x [[|Mozilla Firefox Browser]] 
     11It was originally developed for Firefox 3.6.x and will still work with that version. Since Firefox 4 is no longer supported by Mozilla and Firefox 5 was already superseded by 6, the addon currently works with version 6, too. It is in the process of being updated to version firefox 7. 
     13== Installation ==  
     15The "lookmarker[@]"-Firefox Addon is typically installed through opening the released .xpi-archive-file through drag&drop, file->open or browsing to it's location on your hard disk with your firefox browser. 
     17Alternatively, if you encounter problems with that way of installing it, you can unzip this .xpi archive into a folder and place the extracted folder named "" directly in your working firefox profile. Such a folder (e.g. on ubuntu) is to find in the users home directory under ".mozilla/firefox/xyz-id.default/extensions/". After you've copied the files into the extensions folder you have to restart your firefox. 
     19== Configuration == 
     21Before starting your firefox browser you have to make sure your deepamehta4 installation is already running. After the installation of the plugin you have to configure it a bit to fit your needs before you can start to use it effectively. You can find and reset the addons-preferences via your "Add On"-Manager and the "Tools"-Menu of firefox. To be able to start bookmarking "Web Resources" to deepamehta you need to place the corresponding icon (showing an eye) via drag & drop into the firefox toolbar of your choice. You may also want to make use the "DeepaMehta Toolbar", but first you have to make it visible via the "Preferences"-Dialog (4.x-7.x) or the "Toolbars"-Menu (3.6.x). Another convenient way to make the "Deepamehta Toolbar" appear out of the nowhere just press 'ALT+V' + 'ALT+T' and then 'ALT+D' to toggle its visibility. 
     23==  Usage == 
     25'''Bookmarking Web Resources''' 
     26On any webpage you are currently browsing just press the beforementioned "Notice"-Button in your toolbar. The URL of the webpage will then be stored as "Web Resource"-Topic in your deepamehta4 installation. During this process you have the chance to give this \"Web Resource\" a title of your choice. 
     28'''Bookmarking selected text passages on a webpage''' 
     29Furthermore, you can simply create "Note"-Topics after selecting some noteworthy passages of a webpage with your pointer (left click and drag) and then store the selected text as a "Note" associated with a "Web Resource via your firefox context menu (through right-clicking) and then pressing the "Notice"-Button. During this process you will have the chance to give your new "Note" a proper title, the "Web Resource" will get by default the title of the current webpage assigned. 
     32== Changelog / History == 
     34SNAPSHOT -- Aug 21, 2011 
     36    compatible with DeepaMehta 4.0.3 
     37    basic set of features is available 
     39v0.1 -- Dec 10, 2010 
     41    compatible with DeepaMehta 3 v0.4.2 
     42    basic functionality