Change History for Malted/PluginDevelopmentNotes

Version Date Author Comment
16 8 years Malte Added a link to devel-mailing and improved page-structure
15 8 years Malte Changed section on exposed core-methods
14 8 years Malte added link to list of webclient events.txt
13 8 years Malte added note about where to find infos about all possibe RESTful resource …
12 8 years Malte revision of paragraph on json-composite manipulation syntax
11 8 years Malte Minor corrections
10 8 years Malte some corrections on WS and ACL assignments; added notes about a shared WS …
9 9 years Malte added insights of #569
8 9 years Malte added note about maven dependency management and plugin parent pom
7 9 years Malte adding constructing composite types in java with dms
6 9 years Malte
5 9 years Malte added postinstall hook, and acl-entry example for declarative topics
4 9 years Malte Referencing topic instances in a declarative migration
3 9 years Malte adding rule of thumb for plugins introducing custom-types
2 9 years Malte added default workspace and importModels hint, added clientState hint, …
1 9 years Malte adding note about registering multiple renderers in on js file