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adding note about registering multiple renderers in on js file

A page for taking my notes on server- and client-side plugin development with DeepaMehta 4.

DeepaMehta Webclient Development

Implementing Many Simple Renderers

It seems to me that one can not register many simple_renderer-implementations* in one js-renderer file.
Doing so, will make the webclient crash on initial startup with random error messages, mostly of the like "(parsererror: TypeCacheError?: topic type "dm4.core.topic_type" not found)".
Hint: A simple_renderer implementaton looks usually like this: dm4c.add_simple_renderer('tld.project.type.renderer_name', { render_info:function(model, $parent){}, render_form:function(model, $parent){}})

After slicing all my simple_renderers into seperate .js-files, webclient startup works fine again.