Last modified 11 years ago Last modified on 10.12.2013 01:59:05

Issues which need to be solved before I recommend a potential end-user to try out DeepaMehta for personal use:

  • fix issues #330, #431, #455, #99, #446, #326
  • a designed notification expierence/ dialog (for displaying and dealing with exceptions and errors)
  • introduce time based search options again (currently thinking of a week-based, vertical jquery-ui-slider in the page panel) and
  • in general deliver a designed/understandable and more complete search dialog (fix: issue around presenting boolean search logic for text-searches AND resp. OR to end-users)
  • a managable query builder (currently its enough if you try to imagine you want to list e..g all your notes which belong to two tags at the same time)
  • a designed approach for user-related (and possible, if admin, system-wide) settings
    (e.g. where to set / update api secrets for moodle and twitter, or mailing - notification settings)
  • design a first solution to work with #anchors (become more supportive of HTML), resp. support annotating parts of a text with a reference to another topic/assoc

.. try it out for collaborative use:

  • webclient variants (along wiht user-related settings-dialog) for e.g. jquery-ui-themes per user, BOX Renderer or Canvas Renderer configuration per user)
  • Personal views for users after being logged in (as already discussed here and there before, e.g. do not see Topicmaps of other users).
  • #462, #42, #459
  • GUI Dialog to set access control of objects (at best a multi-dimensional knob-control)