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    1 To find the deepamehta-'''plugins''' i am currently working on see Currently i am also engaged in helping the [[|DeepaMehta Assocation]] grow. 
    3 '''Notes:''' 
     2'''Why do I use the DeepaMehta Software Platform?'' 
    5 * [[Malted/Short History on Tagging]] (German) 
    6 * [[Malted/PluginDevelopmentNotes]] (English) 
     4* it's a highly structured data-repository for (conceptual & ordinary) information snippets [[BR]] 
     5  (like RDF, but with a couple of nice extras around bundling, shipping, visualizing and as a space for concrete data) 
     6* it supports rapid development cycles (Keywords: evolutionary data-model/prototyping thanks to migrations) 
     7* it comes with stable geometries as a core concept of how to design user interfaces, and I think to that building.. [[BR]]  
     8  "Interfaces is like building a house, you need to get the foundations right. - J. Raskin" 
     10'''Why do I like the DeepaMehta User Interface?'' 
     11* it allows me to create structured visualizations in my day-work 
     12* it supports ''free placement'' of items and ''stable views'' 
     13* it enables me seamlessly to "look on, see through, imagine the in-between and to show" my personal notes 
    915'''List of DeepaMehta plugins I am currently working on:''' 
    2329* I took part in conceptualizing the [[|DeepaMehta Community Website]] 
    2430* I adapted the drupal theme on [[|DeepaMehta Community Website]] 
     31* I used to post updates and short general articles on [[|DeepaMehta's Blog]] 
    2532* I wrote my [[|final thesis about an experimental interaction design]] in Javafx for DeepaMehta. [[BR]] 
    2633The focus was on users constructing personal "knowledge" landscapes. In this work i could explore the idea of controlling interactive graph-layouts with a pen-like item. Interaction-wise it's an approach which I still find striking, especcially for such an inverted interface DeepaMehta provides. 
    2734* I so far presented the DeepaMehta Project with submissions and talks at ''re:publica'08'', ''IAC'09'', ''CeBIT'09'', ''Mensch und Computer'10'' and ''TMRA'10''. 
     36Currently I am engaged in helping the [[|DeepaMehta Assocation]] grow and interested in bringing DeepaMehta to work for the human sciences. 
     40* [[Malted/Short History on Tagging]] (German) 
     41* [[Malted/PluginDevelopmentNotes]] (English) 
    3044Feel free to '''contact''' me all the time at <malte{at}deepamehta{dot}org>.