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started to straighten the information layer of my personal wiki-page

To find the deepamehta-plugins i am currently working on see Currently i am also engaged in helping the DeepaMehta Assocation grow.


List of DeepaMehta plugins I am currently working on:

Other contributions to the DeepaMehta Project.

The focus was on users constructing personal "knowledge" landscapes. In this work i could explore the idea of controlling interactive graph-layouts with a pen-like item. Interaction-wise it's an approach which I still find striking, especcially for such an inverted interface DeepaMehta provides.

  • I so far presented the DeepaMehta Project with submissions and talks at re:publica'08, IAC'09, CeBIT'09, Mensch und Computer'10 and TMRA'10.

Feel free to contact me all the time at <malte{at}deepamehta{dot}org>.