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Why do I use the DeepaMehta Software Platform (as an application developer)?

  • it's a highly structured data-repository for (conceptual & ordinary) information snippets
    (like RDF, but with a couple of nice extras around bundling, shipping, visualizing and as a space for concrete data)
  • it supports rapid development cycles (Keywords: evolutionary data-model/prototyping thanks to migrations)
  • it comes with stable geometries as a core concept of how to design user interfaces, and I think to that building..
    "Interfaces is like building a house, you need to get the foundations right. - J. Raskin"

Why do I like the DeepaMehta User Interface?

  • it allows me to create structured visualizations in my day-work
  • it supports free placement of items and stable views
  • it enables me seamlessly to "look on, see through, imagine the in-between and to show" my personal notes

List of DeepaMehta plugins I am currently working on:

Other contributions to the DeepaMehta Project.

I am a supporter of the DeepaMehta Assocation and there in particular interested in bringing DeepaMehta to the people and to work for the human sciences.


Feel free to contact me all the time at <malte{at}deepamehta{dot}org>.