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    267 INFO: Updating topic 2690 (new topic (id=-1, uri="", typeUri="dm4.core.plugin_migration_nr", value="1", composite={})) 
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    269 INFO: ### Changing simple value of topic 2690 from "0" -> "1" 
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    271267INFO: Registering listeners of plugin "DeepaMehta 4 Tagging" at DeepaMehta 4 core service ABORTED -- no listeners implemented 
    386382You as the developer know 2 things about your plugin: a) Which plugin version relies on which data model version, and b) How to transform the database content in order to advance from a given data model version to the next. So, when you ship your plugin you must equip it with 2 things: 
    388     * The information what data model version the plugin requires. 
     384    * The information what data model version the plugin relies on. 
    389385    * All the migrations required to update to that data model version. 
    401397Thus, the users database will always be compatible with the installed version of the plugin. Furthermore, the user is free to skip versions when upgrading the plugin. 
     399=== Plugin configuration === 
     401If your plugin comes with its own data model you must tell DeepaMehta the data model version it relies on. To do so, set the `requiredPluginMigrationNr` configuration property in the `` file, e.g.: 
     408DeepaMehta's migration machinery takes charge of running the plugin's migrations up to that configured number. If your plugin comes with no data model, you can specify `0` resp. omit the `requiredPluginMigrationNr` property as `0` is its default value. 
     410Usually each plugin has its own `` file. It allows the developer to configure certain aspects of the plugin. The name of the `` file and its path within the plugin directory is fixed: 
     417If no `` file is present, the default configuration values apply. 
     419=== Writing migrations ===