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DeepaMehta is an open source semantic client-server application based on the topic maps standard. It’s conceptualisation and especially the innovative graph-based user interface and othology-based application server have been guided by findings in cognitive psychology in order to provide a cognitively adequate working environment for knowledge workers of all kind. DeepaMehta aims to evolve nowadays’ separated desktop applications into an integrated collaborative workspace enabling the user to organize, describe and relate information objects like text notes, external documents and media, browse the web, search databases and create semantic networks—all this in one seamless, semantics-enabled desktop environment and to share their knowledge with others.

The DeepaMehta project has been evoked on February 23, 2000 by Matthias Staps (project coordinator) and Jörg Richter (software architect). DeepaMehta is GPL licensed free open source software (FOSS).

July 1st, 2011

Jörg Richter