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4.4 release notes, pt. 3


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    99New features: 
    10 * Webclient: the user can create custom role types (#680). 
     10* Webclient: the user can create **Custom Role Types** (#680). 
     11* Compatible with a new plugin (optional install): **DM4 Geospatial** for performing geographical "Within Distance" queries (#633). 
    1214Plugin Development Framework: 
    1921    * Core API: orthogonal traversal methods (**#707**). 
    2022    * Core API wording: the concept of a ''Composite Value'' is now named ''Child Topics'' (**#702**). 
    21 * Support for accessing static plugin resources (**#692**). 
     23* Additional Core module changes: 
     24    * `PluginActivator` has a convenience method to access a static plugin resource (**#692**). 
     25    * `DeepaMehtaObject` has a method to access the underlying Neo4j `Node` object. This allows plugins to utilize vendor specific DB extensions (#634). 
     26* Webservice module: 
     27    * A number returned by a resource method is serialized automatically (#682). 
     28* Geomaps module: 
     29    * The Geomaps service has a method to calculate the distance between 2 geo coordinates in kilometer (#681). 
     30    * The Geomaps service has a convenience method for accessing the geo coordinate encoded in a Geo Coordinate topic (#633). 
    2332Bug fixes: 
    2534* Class `CompositeValue` (now named `ChildTopics`): on-demand child topics loading works also with the convenience accessors (**#683**). 
    2635* Unregistering plugin listeners throws no exception in case of plugin activation failed before (#686). 
     36* Root resource and provider classes which Jersey could not successfully hot deploy due to JAX-RS related errors are properly hot deployed once the errors are corrected (#650). 
    2737* Plugins start: 
    2838    * When an error occurs very early in the plugin's starting phase that error is logged and the plugin is not retried to start endlessly (#693). 
    3444Further changes: 
    3545* Felix HTTP is replaced by OPS4J Pax Web (#448). 
     46* Non-DM data stored by 3rd-party Neo4j applications can coexist with DM data in the same Neo4j instance, even when this data is connected to DM data (#687). 
    3647* 3rd-party software is upgraded: 
    3748    * Jetty 7.6.13 -> Jetty 8.x.x (Servlet API 2.5 -> Servlet API 3.0) (#703).