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4.6 release notes, pt. 1


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    33= Release Notes = 
     7== //upcoming//: DeepaMehta 4.6 == 
     9New features: 
     10* **Extended meta-model**: type definitions with custom association types (#341). 
     11* **Error reporting**: errors occurring at server-side are reported to the Webclient user (#790). 
     14* **Refined //Contacts// model**: the intermediate `Address Entry` and `Phone Entry` topic types/instances are gone. A person/institution is connected //directly// to its `Address` and `Phone` topics via a custom association. The `Address Label`/`Phone Label` are attached to the custom association (#779). 
     15* Webclient usability: 
     16    * when clicking a topic in the detail panel which has more than one association to the selected topic only one association is revealed (instead of all), nameley the one that corresponds to the clicked list entry. This reduces the chance for selecting the wrong association on the canvas afterwards (#460). 
     17    * The sensitive area of the detail panel's resize-handle is increased from 2 pixel width to 7 pixel width (#676). 
     18* In the //New Workspace// dialog the radio buttons to select the Sharing Mode show a tooltip that provides help for each option available (#784). 
     20Bug fixes: 
     21* A type can't be deleted if instances still exist. If tried an error message is displayed (#789). 
     23Plugin Development Framework: 
     24* Core module: 
     25    * The model object used to create/update a composite topic/association can contain the values (simple or composite) to be used to update the //relating associations// as well (#785). 
     26    * **Error handling**: when an error occurs at server-side the exception (including all cause exceptions) is transmitted to the client. The Webclient reports the error to the user. Server-side plugin developers can supply custom error objects. Client-side plugin developers (that is users of the RESTClient) can supply custom error handlers (#790). 
     27    * Topic references are supported for //Composition// as well (#786). 
     28    * Bug fix: `ChildTopics` manipulator methods work for child topics defined with cardinality //many// (#788).