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    1111* **Error reporting**: errors occurring at server-side are reported to the Webclient user (#790). 
    13 Changes: 
    1414* **Refined //Contacts// model**: the intermediate `Address Entry` and `Phone Entry` topic types/instances are gone. A person/institution is connected //directly// to its `Address` and `Phone` topics via a custom association. The `Address Label`/`Phone Label` are attached to the custom association (#779). 
    1515* Webclient usability: 
    1616    * The detail panel's vertical scrollbar position is saved/restored on a per-object basis (#783). 
     17    * The topic color and expansion flag (represented by the Note topic's triangle) are stored per-topicmap (#761). 
    1718    * When clicking a topic in the detail panel which has more than one association to the selected topic only one association is revealed (instead of all), nameley the one that corresponds to the clicked list entry. This reduces the chance for selecting the wrong association on the canvas afterwards (#460). 
    1819    * The sensitive area of the detail panel's resize-handle is increased from 2 pixel width to 7 pixel width (#676). 
    2021* DM never creates empty simple child topics. In particular a combobox menu is not extended by an empty item when the field (e.g. "Phone Label", "City") is left empty (#171). 
    2122* In Number fields the Webclient does not fill in 0 automatically anymore as 0 and "not set" are semantically different (#171). 
     23* DeepaMehta can be installed again in an existing Karaf environment by Karaf feature install. 2 features are provided: `dm4-platform` and `dm4-standard-distribution` (#711). 
    2325Bug fixes: 
    2426* The user can't select disabled menu items. In particular a user who is not permitted to create a Membership can't do so (#774). 
     27* When a Note topic's triangle is clicked the Note content does appear in the topicmap in any situation (#762). 
    2528* A type can't be deleted if instances still exist. If tried an error message is displayed (#789). 
    2629* The DB is not corrupted when an association definition is retyped into a non-association definition type and then retyped back into an association definition (#773). 
    2730* The standard type's (Note, Person, ...) Association Definitions (and their View Configurations) are editable by logged in users (#771). 
    2831* Interactively created types get creator info and creation timestamp (#772). 
     34* Webclient: the standard view properties `x`, `y`, and `visibility` are stored as node properties (instead as child topics) (#761). 
    3036Plugin Development Framework: 
    3440    * The JSON format for a declarative migration is extended in order to create the entities in a specific order (#778). 
    3541    * REST APIs: the `include_assoc_childs` query parameter controls weather the child topics of the requested object's //Relating Associations// are included in the response (#659). 
     42    * REST API and declarative migrations: simplified format for create/update requests. The child topic's `type_uri` must no longer be specified (#636). 
     43    * Core API: an Association Definition can be added in the middle of the sequence (#770). 
    3644    * Orthogonality: 
    3745        * //Topic references// are supported for //Composition// as well. Topic references are supported for all the 4 cases, that is composition/aggregration, one/many (#786). 
    3846        * An update operation supports //topic deletion references// for composition-one and aggregation-one childs as well. Topic deletion references are supported for all the 4 cases, that is composition/aggregration, one/many (#171). 
    39     * Bug fix: `ChildTopics` manipulator methods work for child topics defined with cardinality //many// (#788). 
     47    * Bug fixes: 
     48        * Objects don't loose their label when updating their child topics (#766). 
     49        * `ChildTopics` manipulator methods work for child topics defined with cardinality //many// (#788). 
     50        * When a type is deleted and the (then deleted) type is requested subsequently (via API) a proper "Type not found in DB" exception is raised (#765). 
     51* Access Control module: 
     52    * New "System" authority: Code that is invoked by the system itself -- as opposed to be invoked by a user -- runs under the System authority. The System authority has unrestricted access to the database (#764). 
     53    * REST API: the `getPrivateWorkspace()` service call is RESTful (#768).