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4.6 release notes, pt. 4


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    1919    * The sensitive area of the detail panel's resize-handle is increased from 2 pixel width to 7 pixel width (#676). 
    2020    * In the //New Workspace// dialog the radio buttons to select the Sharing Mode show a tooltip that provides help for each option available (#784). 
     21* In the Detail Panel's "related topics" list besides the association type the association value is displayed (#793). 
    2122* DM never creates empty simple child topics. In particular a combobox menu is not extended by an empty item when the field (e.g. "Phone Label", "City") is left empty (#171). 
    2223* In Number fields the Webclient does not fill in 0 automatically anymore as 0 and "not set" are semantically different (#171). 
    2526Bug fixes: 
    2627* The user can't select disabled menu items. In particular a user who is not permitted to create a Membership can't do so (#774). 
     28* The detail panel's form rendering works also if the type definition of the selected topic/association includes child topics of data type "HTML" and cardinality "Many" (#792). 
    2729* When a Note topic's triangle is clicked the Note content does appear in the topicmap in any situation (#762). 
    2830* A type can't be deleted if instances still exist. If tried an error message is displayed (#789).