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4.8.1 release notes, pt. 1


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    33= Release Notes = 
     7== //upcoming//: DeepaMehta 4.8.1 == 
     9Besides a minor improvement DeepaMehta 4.8.1 fixes several bugs that prevented some 3rd-party plugins to run with DM 4.8. 
     11You can update any !DeepaMehta 4 installation which is not older than !DeepaMehta 4.1. For installation and update instructions see the [[|README]]. 
     14   * When the path of a file repo request (`/filerepo/...`) points to a directory, and the directory contains an `index.html` file, it is served (#971). 
     16Bug fixes: 
     17* Core module: 
     18   * `AccessControl` object: 
     19       * `getWorkspace()` is now a privileged method. This is required for the `dm4-sign-up` 3rd-party plugin (#963). 
     20       * There is a privileged `changePassword()` method. This is required for the Reset Password mechanism of the `dm4-sign-up` 3rd-party plugin (#934). 
     21       * There are privileged methods for mapping between usernames and email addresses. This is required for the `dm4-sign-up` and `dm4-subscriptions` 3rd-party plugins (#934, #825) 
     22   * Permissions: 
     23       * Implicit READ permission for types: a user is granted implicit READ permission for a type if she has READ permission for a given instance of that type (#899). 
     24       * The READ permission for types is enforced by the backend in every situation (#899). 
     25       * The WRITE permission for topics/associations is enforced by the backend in every situation (#970). 
     26       * The Webclient's "Show Configuration" submenu lists only configurations the current user has READ permission for (#964). 
     27   * JSON bundle resources (`/<bundle-symbolic-name>/...`) are served with `Content-Type` header (#950). 
     28* Storage Neo4j module: 
     29    * Dealing with non-DM nodes: the CoreService's get-all methods doesn't throw if non-DM nodes exist in the DB. Non-DM nodes are those created by 3rd-party Neo4j components, e.g. Neo4j Spatial (#911). 
     30* Files module: 
     31   * Uploading an image file via `dm4-images` 3rd-party plugin works again (was broken in DM 4.8). The `"ckCsrfToken" is an unexpected field` exception does not occur anymore (#952). 
     32   * In case of enabled per-workspace file repositories: the on-demand creation of the workspace folder works in every situation (#965). 
     33* Webclient module: 
     34    * The CKEditor "File Browser" plugin is included again (was missing in DM 4.8). This is required for the Upload feature of the `dm4-images` 3rd-party plugin (#952).