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4.0.12 release notes, pt. 4


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    77== ''upcoming'': DeepaMehta 4.0.12 == 
     9The Webclient's start URL has changed: 
     10    http://localhost:8080/de.deepamehta.webclient/ 
    912New Features: 
    2629Bug Fixes: 
     30* For plugin developers: Hot Deployment works as expected. When a plugin is re-compiled the OSGi runtime shuts it (and only it!) down and redeploys it automatically. All dependencies to other plugins are handled by the framework (#272, #274). 
    2731* Pressing the Return key inside a (multi-line) text area, e.g. the CKEditor's source view, does not trigger the OK button (#206, #288). 
    2832* The default Topic Renderer works with hidden many composite child topics (#283). 
    30 Development Framework: 
     34Plugin Development Framework: 
    3135* The core service now processes update requests where aggreagted composite child topics are involved (#30). 
    32 * Simplified plugin development: 
    33     * A plugin's custom renderers are picked up automatically (#284) [19aca819] 
     36* Simplified plugin development (more Convention Over Configuration): 
     37    * A plugin's REST resources and Provider classes are registered automatically. Plugins must no longer provide (JAX-RS) Application classes (#272) [a39e39c1]. 
     38    * All (JAX-RS) Provider classes are available to all plugins automatically [44d49e12]. 
     39    * A plugin's client-side main file is picked up automatically (#276) [b30004d6]. 
     40    * A plugin's custom renderers are picked up automatically (#284) [19aca819]. 
    3441    * A plugin's CSS stylesheets are picked up automatically (#285) [2bee421c]. 
    35     * All REST provider classes are available to all plugins automatically [44d49e12]. 
    3642    * Plugin developers must no longer care about firing PRE_SEND events (#297). 
    3743    * A plugin is no longer required to have a main file (plugin.js). This is perfect for plugins whose only purpose is to provide custom renderers [3a4a0cbe]. 
    3945    * A plugin can publish a directory of the server's file system to the web (#292) [dea0910b]. 
    4046    * A plugin can register a (Servlet API) filter (#293) [520c95c0]. 
     47    * Custom renderer implementations (page renderers, simple renderers, multi renderers) are namespaced per URI for friendly co-existence (#282) [9bb0c6a7][4aab34b1]. 
     48    * A plugin's client-side part is namespaced per URI for friendly co-existence (#275) [082a4651][faf8d006]. 
    4149    * For a logged in user an HTTP session is maintained (#293) [faa7485e]. 
    4250    * 4 new Core Events and respective listener interfaces: PRE_CREATE_ASSOCIATION, POST_CREATE_ASSOCIATION, PRE_SEND_ASSOCIATION [98fb628d], INITIALIZE_PLUGIN [435f4285]. 
    4351* Custom renderers: 
    4452    * New renderer type: Multi Renderer. A plugin can provide custom renderers for multi-value topics (cardinality "Many") (#270) [6c4d87ad][7fe0a806]. 
    45     * Custom page renderers, simple renderers, and multi renderers are namespaced per URI for friendly co-existence (#282) [9bb0c6a7][4aab34b1]. 
    4653    * Topicmap renderers have a server-side part as well (#294). 
    4754* Core optimization