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4.0.13 release notes, pt. 4


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    1616New Features: 
    17 * Association Type editor (#48). The user can create custom association types. The color is configurable on a per-type basis. An association instance can hold arbitrary data. Simple and complex association types are supported (analogue to topic types).  
     17* Association Type editor: let the user create custom association types. The color is configurable on a per-type basis. Simple and complex association types are supported (analogue to topic types) (#48). 
     18* Association instance editor: let the user enter data for an association instance according to the association's type definition (#335). 
    1920GUI Improvements: 
     21* Fulltext seach: wild cards, phrase search, and escaping is supported (#302). 
     22* Keyboard shortcut: create associations via shift-drag (#304). 
    2023* Cluster move: Moving an association moves the visually connected subnetwork (#327). 
     24* Auto-panning: If an auto-positioned topic is not in the current viewport then the map is auto-panned to bring the topic to the center (#303). 
     25* Topic labels on canvas: a) Line breaks are preserved, b) Long labels are truncated (#300). 
    2126* More informative page panel: topics which are already visible on the canvas are displayed with an disabled icon. This provides a useful hint when revealing topics (#308). 
    2227* Differentiated gestures for revealing topics via the page panel: a) clicking the topic's icon reveals it, b) clicking the topic's label reveals ''and'' focuses it (#387). 
    3237Bug Fixes: 
    3338* Handle transitive plugin service dependencies (#351). 
     39* Join users to workspaces: interactively created associations between a Username and a Workspace are editable (#331). 
     40* Delete search topics (#317). 
     41* Don't select toolbar accidentally (#301). 
     42* Don't create circular associations [36791f41]. 
     43* Edit an association type's View Configuration interactively (#342). 
     44* Edit a meta type's View Configuration via REST API (#378). 
    3445* Redeploy the Core while active HTTP sessions exist (#299). 
    35 * Edit meta type view configuration via REST API (#378). 
    3747Plugin Development Framework: 
    4151* Client-side load mechanism for auxiliary scripts: scripts located in `script/helper/` are loaded synchronously ''before'' the plugin is loaded (#372). 
    4252* The "association" part of a RelatedTopic is serialized (#266). 
     53* More efficient aggregation update logic and idempotent operations (#319). 
    4354* Refactored internal object fetch/store code (#340). 
    4455* 3 new core events: `PreUpdateAssociation`, `PostUpdateAssociation`, `IntroduceAssociationType` [654d9c7b][3645932c]. 
    4556* New client-side event `option_topics` allows filtering selection lists (comboboxes and checkbox lists) (#345). 
     57* Webclient API: the Topic's and Association's `composite` property contains true `Topic` objects (formerly plain JavaScript objects) [3105fee2].