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    33= Release Notes = 
     7== 2013-12-10: DeepaMehta 4.1.3 ''upcoming'' == 
     9''to be continued'' 
     13New features: 
     15GUI improvements: 
     16* Topicmap Panel: 
     17    * New look & feel through Box Renderer module (#577). 
     18    * When clicking the logged in username (upper/right corner) and the respective User Account topic is already contained in the topicmap but outside the viewport, the topicmap is translated to bring the revealed User Account into view (#570). 
     19* Detail Panel: 
     20    * In the detail panel's "related topic" lists: when the topic is contained in the current topicmap its icon is surrounded by a thin red line (instead of dimming it). When such an icon is clicked the respective association is revealed (in case it was hidden) and the topicmap is translated to bring the topic into the viewport (in case it was outside the viewport) (#579). 
     21    * Long words (like file names) are line-breaked. No horizontal scrollbar appears in the detail panel (#537, #575). 
     22    * Long topic labels in the detail panel's "related topic" lists are not truncated anymore. Formerly there was a limit of 50 characters (#315). 
     24General improvements: 
     25    * Aggregated composites can be edited via Detail Panel (#337, #30). 
     27Plugin Development Framework: 
     28    * When calling a `CompositeValue` manipulator method (`set()`, `setRef()`, `remove()`) the passed set of Directives is extended by a UPDATE_TOPIC resp. UPDATE_ASSOCIATION directive (#576). 
     29    * Core API Type interface: `setDataTypeUri()` has a `directives` parameter (#576). 
     30    * Core API Type interface: `setLabelConfig()` has a `directives` parameter (#576). 
     31    * Core API: there is a new model class: `de.deepamehta.core.model.TopicReferenceModel`: A reference to a topic, either by ID, or by URI (#574). 
     33Bug fixes: 
     34* When updating an aggregated composite no error occurs (#574). 
     35* Sync view on file upload: Once an upload is complete the new file appears in the page panel immediately (#563). 
     36* Sync view on type change (#576). 
     37    * When changing the "Include in Label" setting in a type form while the respective association definition is visible on the canvas, the association label on the canvas is updated (#564). 
     38    * When changing a type's data type in a type form while the former data type and the association are visible on the canvas, the association disappears. 
     40Further changes: 
     41* The "success" alertbox after a file upload is gone (#563). 
     42* The markup generated by `dm4c.render.topic_list()` contains no <table> anymore (#575).