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4.1.3 release notes, pt. 4


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    1313New features: 
    1414* ### Box Renderer (#577). 
    15 * ### Topicmap Renderer Framework (#505). 
     15* ### View Customization Framework (#505). 
    1616* The Apache Felix Gogo is included. That means you can e.g. start and stop DeepaMehta plugins, and even install new ones without restarting DeepaMehta. 
    2020    * ### New look & feel (Box Renderer) (#577). 
    2121    * Right-clicking the canvas brings up a Create menu with the same topic types as listed in the toolbar's Create menu. The created topic is positioned where the right-click is performed (#529). 
     22    * In the topicmap the associations are displayd along with their values (as entered in the detail panel when an association is selected) (#34). 
     23    * As a shortcut double clicking a topic or association enters edit mode (#526). 
     24    * Clicking on canvas removes current topic/association selection (#523). 
    2225    * In various situations a proper cursor shape is shown: While something is moved a grabbing hand cursor is shown. While an association is drawn a crosshair cursor is shown (#552).  
    2326    * Topicmap uses full window height. There is no dead space at the bottom anymore (#543). 
    2427* Detail Panel: 
    25     * ### In lists redundant topics are suppressed (#315). 
     28    * Redundant topics are suppressed in the detail panel's related topics listing. A topic is regarded redundant if 1) it is already represented in the detail panel's upper area (the "model-driven box structure"), and 2) there is a "Composition Definition" in the underlying model (#315). 
     29    * The "what's related" topic listing in the detail panel is grouped by Topic Type (instead Association Type). Thus the group headings are more user friendly (#315). 
     30    * In the detail panel's related topics listing for each topic the respective association type is shown beneath the topic (#315). 
    2631    * The direct child topics of the selected topic (which are not appearing anymore in the page panel's related topics listing) can be revealed via the page panel's upper area (which shows the nested boxes): when hovered the corresponding box it is highlighted and a pointer cursor appears. On click the underlying topic is revealed in the map (#315). 
    2732    * In the detail panel's "related topic" lists: when the topic is contained in the current topicmap its icon is surrounded by a thin red line (instead of dimming it). When such an icon is clicked the respective association is revealed (in case it was hidden) and the topicmap is translated to bring the topic into the viewport (in case it was outside the viewport) (#579). 
     33    * The "what's related" topic listing in the detail panel is sorted case-insensitively (#521). 
    2834    * Long words (like file names) are line-breaked. No horizontal scrollbar appears in the detail panel (#537, #575). 
    2935    * Long topic labels in the detail panel's "related topic" lists are not truncated anymore. Formerly there was a limit of 50 characters (#315). 
    4652    * Core API Type interface: `setLabelConfig()` has a `directives` parameter (#576). 
    4753    * Core API: there is a new model class: `de.deepamehta.core.model.TopicReferenceModel`: A reference to a topic, either by ID, or by URI (#574). 
     54    * DeepaMehtaObject API has a method to fetch child topics selectively (#522). 
    4855    * Extended server-side Topicmaps API (#544). 
    4956    * Client-Side Plugin Framework: plugins can add icons and disabled items to the topic/association/canvas context menus (#529). 
    5158    * DM's GUITookit now supports context menus (#532). 
    5259    * New client-side event: `pre_submit_form` (#547). 
     60    * New client-side event: `association_doubleclicked ` (#530). 
    5361    * Webclient Renderer Framework: The `page_model` objects passed to a detail panel renderer (simple renderer or multi renderer) have an additional property: `parent` -- the parent page model (#567). 
    5462    * 3rd-party plugins must no longer declare a `deepamehta-core` dependency. 
    5967* Changed Person data is saved properly also if its Address can't be resolved (via Google Geocoder) (#565). 
    6068* Topicmaps keep URI when translated (#311). 
     69* A serialized topicmap contains the association values (#531). 
    6170* The main toolbar's menus reveal all their items without scrolling (#534). 
    6271* The canvas context menus do scroll when invoked near screen bottom (#534).