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Release Notes

2011-08-22: DeepaMehta 4.0.3

After a long series of backend changes the focus of this release is to bring the frontend on a par. This release brings 2 new featues and a lot of GUI improvements and fixes.

New features:

  • Webbrowsing (in progress): render webpages directly in DM! Right in the content panel or in a separate window/tab. URL topics provide 2 commands: "Open URL" and "Open URL in new window". (#21, #73)
  • Type Search: query all topics of a given type (#68)


  • More intuitive Create menu (#11)
  • Focus first input field when creating a new topic (#12)
  • Trigger Save by hitting Return (#13)
  • Create topics via keyboard (#14)
  • Type Resource is now called Web Resource. URL field first. (#20)
  • The webclient has a "favicon" (#44)
  • Creating a bunch of topic types without caring about unique URIs (#58)
  • The webclient's URL is simply http://localhost:8080/ (#66)
  • Topic type menus are sorted (#68)
  • About box with version/license info and credits (#36, #70)
  • Minor design and layout improvements


  • Closing menus when clicking elsewhere (#29)
  • Proper dragging when creating an association (#31)
  • Searching requires a given search term (#57)
  • Toolbar menus reflect renamed topicmaps and workspaces (#59)
  • Suppress pointless browser window scrollbars (#60)
  • Long menus do scroll instead the entire browser window (#71)
  • Fix canvas drawing and event handling oddities (#72)

Improvements for Developers:

  • No webclient 404/503 errors when build from source (#17)
  • Multi-context commands: A plugin can attach its commands to both at the same time, the context menu and the page panel (#21)
  • URL topics can be queried by their URL (#55)
  • Plugin authors can specify a custom URI namespace where the plugin's web resources are mapped to (#66)
  • A request to a / web resource is mapped to /index.html (#66)
  • REST API: "getRelatedTopics" request provides 3 more filter parameters
  • Page Renderer classes can CSS style the content panel
  • Access the webclient's toolbar via a dedicated toolbar object
  • JavaScript? GUIToolkit API simplified and more object-like

2011-08-02: DeepaMehta 4.0.2

This release fixes a bug ( There was an encoding issue with the binary distribution in a client/server setup. This is now fixed. No problems with umlauts anymore.


For installation and update instructions see the README:

2011-07-28: DeepaMehta 4.0.1

This release fixes a bug: when editing an association (e.g. retyping) the role types are not compromised (ticket #18).
Thanks Malte for reporting!

You can update a 4.0 installation while keeping your content.
However, a 4.0.1 clean install is recommended (see comments on ticket #18).

See the README for installation and update instructions:


Build/Update? from Source:

Furthermore, these 3rd party components are updated in 4.0.1:

  • Jersey 1.5 -> 1.8
  • Jettison 1.2 -> 1.3
  • Neo4j Mehtagraph 0.7 -> 0.8

2011-07-24: DeepaMehta 4.0

Related to the 1st release candidate (4 days ago) there is just one Firefox-related bug fix.
Thanks Matthias for reporting!


Build from Source:

Further information in the README:

2011-07-20: DeepaMehta 4.0 RC1

This is the first release with the all-new property-less data model as recently described:>

The version planned as "DeepaMehta 3 v0.5" now become "DeepaMehta 4.0".
From now on DeepaMehta's version numbers follow the classic major.minor.bugfix schema.

Improvements for users:

  • new type editor. All values are represented as reusable semantics-attached topics.
  • new topic type "Resource" to collect web resources
  • new icons
  • bug fix in topicmap handling (when you have multiple topicmaps open)
  • cleaner display, less clutter

The cleaner display is because not all the plugins (workspaces, time, access control, ...) are adapted to the new data model so far. So, for the moment there is not so much meta data displayed (timestamps, workspaces assignments, creator, modifier, ...).

Improvement for developers:

  • New core service API. All the domain objects (Topic, Association, ...) are attached to the database. So, the developer must not care about DB-updates.
  • Domain models (type definitions) provided by a plugin can be build upon the domain models provided by other plugins. The dependencies are handled by the framework.

Download the release: Start as usual via the provided startscripts.

Build from Source:

For further information see the README:

If the browser shows 404 while this exception appears in the terminal ...
com.sun.jersey.api.container.ContainerException: No WebApplication provider is present
... then refresh the HTTP Jetty Bundle by typing "refresh 1" in the terminal (checkout the proper bundle ID before by using the "lb" command).

Thanks go to Jürgen and Danny who helped to organize this release!