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Hi, my name is Henry Horsepower (I am a very secret alter ego of Ingo and JuergeN ;-)). Over the years I have collected a hell lot of great cars. Now I want to create a catalog for them.

For my cars I was thinking of the following categories:

  • brand
  • model
  • year of contruction
  • date of purchase
  • color
  • chassis number
  • previous owners

Besides the unique "chassis number" and the "date of purchase", all of these categories should be reusable, once I entered them into the system. The "previous owner" should be a sequence of people who owned the car before me. I guess that "previous owner" could be an association type linking various people, right? I have some cars that I had purchased via the same reseller. There are not so many of them out there who sell really great cars in good quality.

So now I want to use the graphical user interface to build my own DeepaMehta car catalog. Could you please tell me, what I need to do step by step?