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    1 -- Was solle auf dem DM Server eurer Meinung nach alles laufen? 
     1**What do we have running and what do we need running, at best at just one server to administer.** 
    3 Software & Services, 1st Phase of new Server Deployment 
    4 - Website Drupal unter Apache / PHP 5 (inkl. neuem Markdown-Wiki) 
    5 - Community Trac unter Apache / Python 
    6 - 1-2 DeepaMehta Instanzen Apache/ Jetty/ Karaf 
     3== Website & Public Info Services, Status: currently diverse 
     4- Website Drupal unter Apache / PHP 5 (mögl. inkl. neuem Markdown-Wiki als User-Wiki) (RK) 
     5- DeepaMehta Community Trac unter Apache / Python (DAGNU, Optional?) 
     6- DeepaMehta Maven Repository (NTC) 
     7- Static HTML Archive Pages (NTC, Optional) 
     8- Archived JAMWiki (NTC, Optional) 
     9- Soundset DM-Instance (NTC, Optional) 
     10- Nightly Build Server (NONE YET, Optional) 
    8 Software & Services, 1te Phase of new Server Deployment 
    9 - DeepaMehta Maven Repository 
    10 - Nightly Build Server 
     12Aim of new, (let's call it the) "Website Server", consolidate administrative efforts and introduce a single-point-of-failure :) 
     14What are your thoughts about the current state here? 
     16== DeepaMehta Demo-Server, Status: in preparation 
     18Now, since we got a quite powerful hardware sponsorship which could run such a service, we started thinking of what it needs to do for us. 
     20=== Short Aim 
     22Show and provide an interactive DeepaMehta User Interface in it's latest state to various interested audiences on  
     24- Nothing more. 
     26Possible Development Efforts to support this short aim: 
     27- Implement a cron-job shuttding-down, resetting and starting up DM 
     28- Implement a scrip/plugin which introduces e.g "Note" as show-case data after a reset/failure. 
     30=== Long Aim 
     32Provide a stable and performant to many users as a collaborative community platform with  
     34- a (comfortable) self-registration process and  
     35- with content-migration/working updates of the software.