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     1== AboutThisPage ==  
     3This page is more a kind of a technical planning document for the multilingual relaunch of the website for the FOSS Project DeepaMehta 
     4which shall be located at the web address The latest content related planning documents are to  
     5find at our [[|new dummy page]]. 
     7The website team concerned with this relaunch tries to share their current main considerations on the technical buildup/configuration of the website on this page. 
     9== Multilingual Setup == 
     10For the launch of our new site English (as default langauge for all kinds of visitors) and German (for visitors with a german browser setup) could be fine. 
     12Drupal7 allows language detection based on the visitors browser configuration, per URL, per Selection (Session), per configuration related to a logged in user. 
     14'''Proposal:''' activate language detection in drupal for the visiting browser and it would be great if the website reflects these settings in the url with a e.g. prefix ~/de/frontpage for german frontpage resp. ~/en/frontpage for english frontpage 
     16'''Proposal:''' when reading a page i would find it cool if there's a link, read this page in "spanish" if it's there resp. "translate this page to x"..  
     18'''Question:''' how can a person of the community add a new translation for a new language? is it good practice to just start with a configuration of some of the big languages, e.g. arabic, chinese, russian, egyptian, spanish, french? 
     20== Current Content Types == 
     22- Article == News Entry (Title, Body, Date, Tags) 
     23- Basic Page == Static Webpage (Title, Body, Tags) 
     24- Gallery == Set of pictures?  
     26'''Extension Proposal:''' 
     27- User-Profile-Content (Community Profile) 
     28- Application-Page (Plugin Pages) 
     29- Expressions (Quotes on DeepaMehta) 
     31== Users, Roles & Permissions == 
     33- Administrators 
     34- Editors 
     35- Users 
     37About the registration process for new users. 
     39'''Proposal:''' free to register for anyone for account related functionality, language setting, profile page 
     41Publishing of content, freely or moderated. 
     43'''Proposal:''' editors can freely publish, newly registerd users cannot edit/publish content except their user-profile 
     45== Additional set of features == 
     47- activate url-path automodule 
     48- spambot utility 
     50== About Migration Process == 
     52- collect old urls which shall be maintained