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Welcome to the DeepaMehta Community Trac

DeepaMehta is a platform for collaboration and knowledge management.

The goal of DeepaMehta is to provide knowledge workers an cognitively adequate work environment, right after booting.

The vision of DeepaMehta is a Post-Desktop Metaphor user interface that abolishes applications, windows, files and folders in the favor of stable views of contextual content. We love the idea of providing the user a cognitive home.

DeepaMehta is a Think Tool.

Technically DeepaMehta is a Java/OSGi based Inversion-of-Control container for running plugins and a HTML5/JavaScript webclient which are communicating via a REST API. You as a plugin developer can provide data models, application logic, services, or presentation logic. Or you can develop a complete new client interface in the language of your choice.

The project's website:

Please note:

    +++ DeepaMehta is still under heavy development! +++ 

Do not use it in any productive and/or professional environment!

Currently we can not provide an update mechanism for your data. Data you put
into the current version of DeepaMehta might not be usable in a later version
of DeepaMehta. Please keep this in mind when using this software.

Thank you for your understanding!

Your DeepaMehta Team


+++ 2011-08-22: DeepaMehta 4.0.3 released - See the Release Notes +++

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