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Welcome to the DeepaMehta Community Trac

+++ 2011-08-22: DeepaMehta 4.0.3 released - See the Release Notes +++

DeepaMehta is a platform for collaboration and knowledge management. The goal of DeepaMehta is to provide knowledge workers of all kind an cognitively adequate work environment, right after booting.

The vision of DeepaMehta is a Post-Desktop Metaphor user interface that abolishes applications, windows, files, and folders in favor of stable views of contextual content. We love the idea of providing the user a cognitive home.

DeepaMehta is a Think Tool.

Our heros are Vannevar Bush, Douglas Engelbart, J.C.R. Licklider, Ted Nelson, Alan Kay, and David Canfield Smith.

Technically, DeepaMehta is a Java/OSGi based Inversion-of-Control container for running plugins and a HTML5/JavaScript webclient which are communicating via a REST API. You as a plugin developer can provide data models, application logic, services, or presentation logic. Or you can develop a complete new client interface in the language of your choice.

The project's website is

+++ DeepaMehta is still under heavy development! +++ 

Do not use it in any productive and/or professional environment!

Currently we can not provide an update mechanism for your data. Data you put
into the current version of DeepaMehta might not be usable in a later version
of DeepaMehta. Please keep this in mind when using this software.

Thank you for your understanding!

Your DeepaMehta Team

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