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4.5 release

Welcome to the DeepaMehta Community Trac!

+++ 2015-02-04: DeepaMehta 4.5 released - See the Release Notes +++

DeepaMehta is a platform for collaboration and knowledge management. The goal of DeepaMehta is to provide knowledge workers of all kind a cognitive adequate work environment, right after booting.

The project's main website is

On this Trac site


DeepaMehta is under heavy development.
While you can do productive work with it, DeepaMehta does not meet professional standards yet.
At least there are lacks in a) security, b) robustness, and c) usability. Do not put sensitive
data in DeepaMehta, in particular when you setup DeepaMehta for network access. Be aware that
data loss may occur when you use DeepaMehta improperly. The DeepaMehta developers assume
no liability for lost or compromised data. Please keep this in mind when using this software.

Your DeepaMehta Team