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The DeepaMehta 4 Wikidata Plugin enables you to search, explore and map the "shared structures of meaning" (Janet Murray, New Media Reader, 2003) of wikidata-communities from all around the globe.

In particular this plugin currently enables you to build on wikidata in your personal information work through:

  • Search Wikidata Items and Properties
  • Turn any "Wikidata Search Result Entity" of type "property" into a DeepaMehta AssocationType?
  • "Check claims" of any "Item" and thus navigate through wikidata along "properties" and "items"


Why I find it interesting to connect Wikidata and DeepaMehta folks is, because I think we share some points-of-view. Especially:

  1. The success of Wikidata is not measured by the amount of data it stores, but by the creation of a healthy community and its usefulness for Wikipedia and other applications.
  1. Wikidata will not be about the truth, but about statements and their references. These can be contradictory.
  1. Wikidata is a socio-technical system. Instead of trying to be overly intelligent, we rely on the Wikimedia communities.
  1. Let's be pragmatic. Finished is better than perfect.
  1. Wikidata will provide a lot of data that can support research. We want to ensure that it is easily usable.
  1. Wikidata will provide an API interface to create alternative UIs which are more intelligent than the standard Wikidata one.

Wider goal:
To enable users and researchers from both communities.


  1. Enable users of DeepaMehta to add a "Statement" about entities in wikidata.
  2. Enable systematic exploration of the languages spoken by the wikidata communities.
  3. Enabling users of DM to re-use global entities, e.g. the city of "Berlin" (or other obvious global entities alike) instead of creating them manually in every installation over and over again.

Goal 1 Details

Some references to the WD-Documentation:

Statements consist of a claim and a (special, multi-value) source-reference snak, and a rank.

Source-Reference is a (special) snak of statements, with a reference record as a data type.

Each Source-Reference is a ordered list of snaks, e.g. book (a reference to an item) and page (a number)

Goal 2 Details

See Plugin Version 0.2 and details of Goal 3

Goal 3 Details

See Query-API at resp. wait for the upcoming Query API

Release Notes


  • Adding "Check claims" to navigate along "items" and "properties" through WD
  • Addded "item" search
  • Added search-type icons
  • Added powered by Wikidata Logo

0.1, Feb 28, 2014

  • Property Search

Source Code and Issue Tracker

The source code repository is

Please report any problems, feature requests and issues you have directly at the projects issue tracker


Contributions =

Thanks to JuergeN, Jri, Silke and the whole WD-Team for your support in research and thinking about this out loud.